Nordost Silver Shadow AES/EBU or LAT Int'l ?

Need input to determine which digital cable. Narrowed it down to the Nordost Silver Shadow AES/EBU or the LAT International coax (possibly AES/EBU). I have the Micromega Drive 2 transport and Kora Hermes DAC with the option of either. I hear the AES/EBU is superior to the coax. AND what about 75ohm vs the 110ohm? Thanks.
aes/ebu IS 110 ohms and coax IS 75 ohms. you can't mix and match the standards with the terminations. as to which is better: it depends on the optimization of the transport AND dac. for example, the accuphase dp-90 transport is optimized for st (at&t) optical, as is the dc-91 dac. most of the current top-line transports are optimized for aes/ebu (e.g, mbl, burmester, dcs), as are their dacs. i'm unaware which digital connection standard is best for your transport or dac. it's worth your finding out before investing in an ic.-cfb
I tried quite a few digital AES/EBU cables in My two systems one a theta jade /ds pro basic 3 and the other a cal system alpha / delta system and found the nordost silver shadow to be the best for My system . I use the moonglow nordost in the cal system almost as good as the silver shadow for a little less money . I also found that a 1 meter or 1.5 meter cable sounds better than a .5 meter cable a least for Me . I did not care for the coax cable in either system to hard sounding. I did play with about 4 or 5 coax cables and gave up on those and started to try the the AES/EBU and all were better in My system than coax I did not try the LAT cable no dealer around or audio bud's to trade with good luck
I have found the Silver Shadow to be the best match for my 360s/31 combo.