Nordost RedDawn vs. Audioquest King Cobra XLR's??

Looking to get a set of balanced cables to run between a PS Audio Perfect Wave MKII (arriving next month) and my Audio Research LS25MKII / Pass Labs X-250 / Wilson Witt rig. Any comments or thoughts? Used or new is fine. Looking for warm yet detailed sound with wide sound-stageing as a factor.I appreciate your help and advice in advance.
In my personal opinion the red dawns will have a slight edge in the soundstage factor but tend to be a bit on the bright (not harsh) side. The AQ King cobra's will be a warmer sounding cable. I still have the king cobra's but have since upgraded to the Nordost Frey's. Again in my opinion the Heimdall's is a great cable for the money.
Are there any recommendations in the new / used $200-$300 range given what I'm looking for?
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There are just so many cables out there it is mind boggling.
If new, go to your nearest dealer(s) and see what they will loan you.
If used try calling the cable company and see what they can do for as far as loaning samples.
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Hi,I own AQ's King Cobra's and Columbia rca and xlr and still love them very much, having said that I find the Morrow Audio's MA3 xlr a more warm and detailed cable than both. It has an overall tonal balance I would expect to find as I move up a cable makers line and at its price I get what sounds like to me a top tier cable for a reasonable price!
I've demoed these cables head-to-head in non-balanced form. Associated equipment was the Sim Audio i-1 integrated amplifier and cd player, with Paradigm Studio 60 V2 loudspeakers.

The Nordost cables were more detailed at the expense of some harshness in the treble. The Audioquest King Cobras gave up a tiny bit of detail but were heavier on bass and a more enjoyable listening experience.
Audioquest are great sounding cables, but only the top of the line Audioquests are as good as least in MY system