Nordost Red Dawn with less brightness?

What will sound like Nordost Red Dawn with a tad less brightness?
I have almost reached the preferred sound, and the only component left is interconnects between DAC and pre-amp.
I have tried Nordost Red Dawn in this place and what I liked was very believable soundstage, impression of space and imaging. What I did not like is somewhat edgy, bright sound.
Has anyone had any experience with interconnects that have the same signature as Red Dawn but with a bit less of brightness? The soundstage cannot be compromised, I am soundstage freak.
And imaging must remain good, cannot have screwed-up timing, for example cymbals emanating from tweeters while drums are way back and center.
Anything in a range of up to 500.00, used or new?
Try any of Nordosts newer cables like Frey or Heimdall, they retain many of the Red Dawn's characteristics but with more warmth and body IMHO.
Ridge Street Audio Poemia!!!.
Ridge Street Audio Poiema!
I'd see if you can get a 30 day from cable coimpany (or other dealer with a returnpolicy)on Cardas you can afford.I sold krell for 6 years (and you know how brittle and metalic the mids can be with Krell) and though we didn;'t sell them ffreinds who I set up I'd reccomend Cardas for systems where comination of eletroinics and speakers made a too brite a combo.I'd like to read up/hear these Ridge Street wires myself though since I have seen them mentioned.
I would recommend acoustic zen. I used to have the red dawns in my system and like you wanted add just a bit of warmth and body. I auditioned a whole bunch of cables and ended up gettng the AZ Ref Matrix between my amp and preamp and the Silver Matrix between my preamp and sources. Great cables! You can find them here for sale within your price range.
You may want to try the rscables speaker cable. Very similar soundprint to Red Dawn, so much cheaper, and I think is better. Also, Siltech G3 speaker cables is a good solution. Siltech cables are a bit warmer in the midrange and less shouting at the treble than comparable Nordost ones.
Has anyone compared AZ Silver Reference II, AZ Matrix Reference II, Nordost Red Dawn and Magnan Vi?
I am familiar with all but Magnan.
Is this one worth looking into?
It seems Magnan has radically different design, high impedance, and may be a good choice to connect source to pre-amp?
I own both Frey and RSA cables. I used to own red dawn. Frey would fit your description. RSA is also excellent but further away to your description
Since you liked the other Nordost characteristics (as do I), any of the other Nordost offerings above Red Dawn would do nicely. e.g. SPM and higher. I went to SPM from RD and the improvement was in all categories, but particularly mininimal "brightness" and substantially improved bass. Frey (which you can get discounted) was about the same as SPM, maybe a touch better.
I think in the end I will go with Red Dawn and tame it with other type of IC up in the chain.
SPM somehow did not work well for me.