nordost red dawn: problem, please help

all you smart guys:

i have been running an arcam A80 integrated amp biamped with an arcam P80 amp using nordost blue heaven version 1, 4 metres set up for biamping. i have had no problems running the volume up to very high levels. i just installed a set of red dawn version 2, 3 metres terminated exactly the same.
with the red dawn, at about 75% power, the amp driving the bass will shut down. it will come back, but the volume must be lowered.
the speakers are aerial 6's. they are not too efficient at 86db and are power hungry.
i can't live with it this way. if i can't find an answer, i won't be able to keep this and i think it sounds better from what i can tell.
help please.
thanks in advance.
The cables are not your problem. Blue Heaven are very good actually. Red Dawn is a bit bright for me but....nevertheless... It sounds like you need more watts or a more efficient speaker. It sounds like the protection circuit is cutting in.
string: thanks for the reply. that is what is happening. do you have any suggestions?
I agree with Stringreen's assessment. Put the blue heaven back on and see what happens. Check all of your connections too. seem as though you like to get your hands into it kind of guy. I built a Dynakit years ago. It worked right after assembly, was fun to build, and sounded very good. I understand that they are available with updated boards, etc. You might take a look at those with perhaps an inexpensive passive preamp
Maybe you are playing at louder levels to compensate for the Red Dawn lean bass...this could trigger the amp's protection circuit as Stringreen pointed out.
OR the Red dawn cables are picking up RFI (they are unshielded and your amp is struggling to amplify the radio frequency.
Good luck
thanks everyone. the system functioned perfectly with the blue heaven restored. with the red dawn, the bass amp was getting very hot and shutting down. i was not even able to get it up to my customary listening level before the protection circuit came in. a guy on a different forum directed me to an audio circle thread that described the problem exactly. bottom line - can't keep these cables. the seller agreed to take them back and he should have them right about now. a friend who custom makes cables is going to let me try a pair of his risk free.
Your amps are going into oscillation with the red dawns. Were they after market terminations? In other words, not terminated by Nordost or not originally purchased with those terminations?
Those flat foils are the worst speakerwires I`ve ever heard, thin and screamy. Want to know how your system really sounds? Make yourself some solid copper, about 9awg or 6kvmm and give it an hour on high-level massage to open up. Lift your jaw up and enjoy!