Nordost Red Dawn Interconnects

Looking for audiophiles who are familiar with this cable to describe the sound.  I am looking for a livelier cable to go from my McIntosh FM Tuner to McIntosh tube preamp. Currently using a cable that is a bit too warm sounding.  Thank you. 
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years ago I used this cable. I found it hyper detailed and it seemed to emphasize the upper frequencies. it was not warm but analytical to me. of course this was the presentation with my gear at the time and others will most likely have a different experience.
Its been a few years but I ran those cables with a MC402..good idea in theory as the 402 was extremely slow and tubby..was a trainwreck and sold both rather quickly.As non involving as I find McIntosh gear those cables just blew,IMO.
It sound like the Mac sound, as highly as it is thought of, is not known for its airy analytic nature. I own some old Mac SS amps that go well with my Klipsch LaScalas, whereas my various tube amps did not.  It's not the cable, but if you want to try a more analytic cable try an all silver IC -Not silver plated copper. That'll cost you, even in fine gauges, but there are enough around.   I used Home Grown but they are out of business.