Nordost Red Dawn II or Nordost SPM speaker cables

Now that Nordost is discontinuing SPM it is available for about the same price as Red Dawn II. I have heard Red Dawn and was impressed. Anybody heard both and compared?? Suggestions?
SPM is much better than the Red Dawn having better bass, greater resolution etc. Having said that, I think you can probably do better than both for the same money (used), IMHO.

Thanks for your response. What have you tried that you like better for the price. I have tried offerings from AudioQuest, Synergistic Research, Monster M2.2, Cardas, PS Audio xStream Statement (previous favorite). My speakers do not like cables that "congest" as many seem to.
Well........... I have heard pretty many. Without knowing your system or sonic priorities it's hard to give a real good recommendation. However, in my 2nd system (which is by no means state of the art: Maggie 1.6's, Classe' amps, Sony 9000ES DVD, etc.) I certainly liked Kimber Monocle XL, Cardas Golden ref, and TG Audio better. I started with all Nordost (Red Dawn and Blue Heaven speaker and IC's) and have since replaced them with Kimber.

In my main system I have Purist. If you can stretch your budget this might be the way to go. OTOH, you might just try the Cable Co. and have them lend you some to try for yourself.