Has anyone used the Nordost Red Dawn speaker cables?
I haven't heard anyone speak of them.I found some for sale
for a decent price.
Hello, Jonny7. The red dawn revision 11 is now selling so some original red dawn is available at good prices. I had red dawn but upgrated to the acoustic zen. The red dawn is very fast and ultra deailed .Since I'm using ribbons it was too much of a good thing for me but in the right system it could work very well. Are you using tubes or SS? Cables are always system dependent. If you're happy with them enjoy the savings. Cheers, Bluenose.
I second the above. In my highly-resolving system (VA Parsifal Encores and Aleph P+2s) my RD revII provide a very open window, which of course extends to any etched, grainy treble of digital sources.
This has been somewhat ameliorated by proper isolation/absorption of the CDP (Neuance platform).
Original Red Dawn equals 14AWG, revII=13AWG, so I wouldn't use very long runs into low impedence loads.
Otherwise enjoy what these lightning bolts can offer!
On a similar note: I'm also using RD on the CDP IC, and now have Harmonic Tech Pro-Silway Mk II wired up in parallel, allowing instant comparisons via my pre input remote.
Under NO circumstances can ANYONE perceive a difference between the RD and the HT! Perhaps silver with clean copper can sound identical, despite wildly differing geometries.... Good Luck. Ernie