Nordost "Purple Flair" spk cable vs Audio Art 5SE?

Interested in hearing comments about either the new Nordost "Purple Flair" speaker wire compared to the Audio Art SC-5SE(special edition). I have listened to the Nordost "Purple Flair" speaker cable and it sounds very neutral. though a bit dry. I have a slightly tipped up system cable of great detail in the midrange. I currently use the LESS expensive Audio Art SC-5 which is very good, but the Nordost PF is supposed to be better and smoother than even Audio Art SC-5SE. But that might be hype by owners of the this cable.

I have also "home" auditioned the Clear Day single wire silver. but not the more expensive Double Shotgun Silver. Other members have sugggested the Clearview Double Helix sold by Mapleshade Internet Audio, but they refuse to discount anything off of retail, and never have sales.

PS let's keep the discussion among contributing members, non-combative and civil. This is just a obsessive hobby, not a gladatorial contest Thanks, Jim