Nordost Quattro Fil same as ?????

Looking to replace a pair of Nordost Quattro Fil with a longer interconnect. I'm very happy with them, but since they don't make them any more, what would be comparable from Nordost's current line up?

Keep in mind, I very much like the Nordost "house sound" or lack of so I'm really looking to stay with Nordost.

Just need to find a comparable IC that matches what the Quatto Fil brings to the table.

Depending on my set up, the Quattro Fils have been used between a Krell DVD Standard and KAV-400xi or Benchmark DAC1 and KAV-400xi. XLR version.
Not sure if there is a direct comparison but find that Heimdall finds a nice intersection of cost/performance. Gets into WBT and greater number of conductors. I too like Nordost very much and beleive the Norse line gives you a more flushed out tonal balance but still has the Nordost attibutes of clarity ,soundstaging, detail and transparency.
Watch the classifieds for a longer set of Fil's.Put in a wanted ad and see what comes up.VisitThe Cable Company.No sense trying to replace something you like with something that you have no idea about and might end up not liking.Just a thought.
I thought about moving to the Heimdall's and even upgrading my Red Dawn SC to Heimdall's as well.

I've searched the classifieds and found a 7M pair for sale. I need it longer than 1M, but 7M is WAY too much cable.

I'll have a look over at the cable company as well.