Nordost Quantum QX4 vs Rchard Gray 600 Pro?

Does anyone have experience with Quantum QRT "power purifiers" now distributed by Nordost and Audiophile Systems?

I've had good experience with the Richard Gray RGPC 600's as far as reducing powerline noise audible through my speakers. Do the Quantum units work the same way, that is in parallel with the AC line or do they do something different?

If they work differently, would there be any advantage in using them together?


MJF, Yes I have. They give the music a more 3 dimensional sound and give the music life. Highly recommended. You can give me a call at 801-944-4343 for further details. Thanks, John
One more suggestion for you to decide :
Synergistic Research " Power Cell"

Before having this, I have been using one
RGPC 600s , one CSE Since-Wave Regenerator regulator
plus two dedicated A/C Power direct from Main Fuse.

After using the Power Cell recently, I found the best is to position SR Power Cell first from the wall, plugging all
pre-amp power amp etc onto it, the sine-Wave Power regenerator ( being 1000watt only, aimed only to serve my
wadia 861 CD ) is plugged onto it, and the RGPC in-between
the power regeneraotr and the Wadia 861 CD, the CD source
improved dramaticlaly, But for the 6 outlets of the RGPC
using for only one CD is a little wasteful apparantly.
Reading the manuals and tutorials of RGPC, this method
of connecting is also one of the recommended, as it
is providing the best current, no burden / effortless they claimed , to the CD. But changing the positions
from time to time is fun, Isn't it !