Nordost QKORE

Who else has the QKore grounding unit? I just got a QKore 6. If you are in the Nordost ecosystem I think this should be a priority upgrade over any other Nordost product.

An immediately noticeable increase in ease/transparency while lowering the noise floor and reducing digital glare. It’s one of the few cable products/tweaks that does not impart some type of sound signature, everything just got better and more real.

I am using a QB8 power distributor and Nordost Heimdall 2 power cables, so there is obviously a synergy going on here with the common design philosophy and the QB8 having a built in ground post. So I am not sure if users of other equipment will see such gains as I am hearing.

But this is a fantastic product and the option to ground 5 more devices gives lots of room for tweaking out of a single compact box item. It's a small but very solid chassis.
I don't own a QKore system, but I did hear an impressive demonstration at a dealership.  The dealer's system was dead quiet prior to addition of the QKore, so the improvement was not merely from the removal of audible noise (I heard what you heard) as well as an improvement in soundstaging (soloist seem to float more freely in space).  I was more impressed with the improvement than I've heard from other system treatments, such as power conditioners.

Unfortunately for me, my power amp does not have an extra input to connect it to the QKore, and the Nordost representative said that one cannot connect chassis ground instead.  That is why I did not purchase the system.
This is perfect timing Mr. Agisthos as I was looking into this product as I have been researching the sonic value of '' grounding '' your system. The TriPoint products are beautiful but way out of my price range. I currently do not have a Nordost Conditioning system in place as I do own the Shunyata Triton V3 and Typhon QR series conditioning. I did not get a clear response from the Nordost dealer I spoke with as he was trying to sell the whole Nordost system to me and told him I was all set for now. I am thinking that the QKore grounding system can be added to my system on it's own. So what do you know on this situation and also did it really make that much of a sonic difference ? Let me know and thank you in advance.
I have been using Qkore 6 for about 1-2 months and my findings are the same as agisthos. One of my fav tweaks so far.
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I'm a little late on this thread, hopefully a relevant question.

I have had the QKORE in my system for 6 mo. I recently added a few components and found myself with an abundance of green Nordost interconnect cable routed through my rack. I only need 1m runs, but Nordost will not sell lengths below 2m.

Does terminating the wires less than 2m impact effectiveness? Recommended?

I reached out to Nodost, but the response I felt was ambiguous at best.


I agree that setting length at 2m minimum is not good, as reducing wire runs is a must and having 1m would be a nice option.

Nordost now have an upgraded higher end ground wire (of course) in black and you could possibly ask about custom lengths for that.