Nordost Pulsar Point for a DAC?

Does it make any sense to put Nordost Pulsar points under a PS perfect wave DAC? Any suggestions? Thank you.
No. No moving parts. Even if it is theoretically possible that some minyte aspect of performance MIGHT be affected, this falls into the snake oil category as used with a Dac.
The only way to know is to try. I use Audio Points under my DAC. I tried Stillpoints which I love under the preamp, and the result under the DAC was not very good. I think the DAC is too light for the Stillpoints. The shelf and supports any component sits on will alter its sonics in a hi resolution system regardless of whether it contains moving parts or not.
Let the group know if you can hear a difference. I could not hear any on a variety of stands on my amps or other items other than my CDP.
Rhljazz is right -- only way to know is try.

Stillpoints cones made a tremendous difference under my Theta DAC. Once you hear what vibration does to music - it's hard to listen without the Stillpoints in place.