Nordost Power Cables: Tyr 2 vs other Nordost?

Has anyone been able to listen to and compare the Tyr 2 power cable with any other Nordost models? I can find very little about version 2 power cords on 'net searching, except for Valhalla 2 that is.

Maybe I'm being too specific. I'd appreciate anyone's experience with any 2nd gen Nordost power cables. I currently have Brahma and Valhalla, and wonder if changing some to version 2 would be a worthwhile improvement?
The improvements are in the controle and dynamics. But the most important improvement is that they sound less harsh. The biggest problem is that they are still incomplete and you can find enough better ones. I sold it for over 9 years of time. And I owned Valhalla for over 12 years of time.