Nordost PC - Shiva, Vishnu, or Baldur?

I'm looking for a nordost PC for my integrated amplifier. My system consists of Krell 400xi, Krell DVD standard, and Benchmark DAC1. I'm using the stock cord on the 400xi and a Shiva on the DAC1. The DVD also uses a Shiva.

I've used Shiva on the amp before with good results. Now that I need another PC I'm thinking of moving up to the Vishnu since it's heavier gauge or possibly the Baldur.

Would it be worth it to save and get the Baldur over the Vishnu even though the Vishnu is more than adequate, current wise, to handle the amp?
Yes, it is. The Shiva is a bit lean: the Vishnu has more "flesh" on the instruments, which also means more varied colors in the instrumental families. I've had all the Nordost power cords: Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma (not Baldur: Baldur is an interconnect) and Valhalla. I'd spring for the Brahma, but, frankly, I'd also listen to Shunyata's new line, the CX, competitively priced with Nordost (lower, actually). The noise floor is lower than what I heard on the Brahma and has more tonal colors. However, if you wish to stay in Nordost's line, a Brahma's a good one, Vishnu if you wish to be more economical. You WILL hear the difference between Vishnu and Brahma if your system does not wash out tonal colors, but if it does, you may not miss it that much, in which case Vishnu will do the trick.
Yes, I meant Brahma. Thanks for the correction. When I used the Shiva on the integrated I liked what I heard, but you nailed it in that it's a tad lean. I'm now using a homebrew power cord on it that's heavy gauge, but it's just not what I'm looking for. It slurs everything.

I'll wait a few more weeks and round up a Brahma cord instead of a Vishnu.

Nordost power cords suck, look at something else like Purist, Argento, Stealth even lessloss.
I do not think Nordost PC's "suck", as you so poetically put it. I use the Valhalla in my main system and it is excellent. I use a Brahma in my BR system and it is very good. I also have the LessLoss and it is also very good, probably better for a laid back system than the Brahma.

Well ok I was exaggerating they are good cables but you can find better for less money...