nordost or kimber tonearm cable

Hi, i been looking to upgrade my stock phono cable from my pro ject turntable. I heard it would be best not to use a regular interconnect even though it would work but not sound the best. So im looking for the best affordable tonearm cables and the two im intersted in are the nordost blue heaven and the kimber tak cu. The cables would have to be rca to rca because my turntable does not use a din input. I dont want to spend a crazy amount of money, but ive once owned the blue heaven flatline ic's and sold them because they werent very warm sounding even though the speed was impressive. I never heard kimber before but in a review about this cable someone said they were too bright in his system. Im just looking for a better cable but not a brighter cable. The cardas cross is a little out of my budget but would it be the best choice or is this all subjective to system matching? Has anyone heard these cables because i cant find much info on tonearm cables. Thanks
There's no reason why you can't use regular IC's if your TT allows for it. I have 2 VPI's with RCA terminations and have never had any problems. You still have to pick a cable that you like the sound of, but that will always be the case. For me, I get best results with AQ cables with the DBS system. They need a minimal amount of break in and they stay that way even if they don't get used heavily. A really safe, good sounding choice, would be the Jaguar/Columbia. I have several pairs and have yet to find an application where they don't sound great. If you want to try silver, the Cheetah is an excellent choice. I use them on both of my TT's. I do feel that you take on a bit more risk with those because sometimes the silver doesn't sound good with certain components. I haven't tried Kimber in a long time, so I can't comment on those. I do have some Cardas Golden Reference. That's also a very good cable, but I still prefer the AQ.
You have a zillion options. As ZD said, there's no reason you can't use any (shielded) I/C. I use Cardas G Master Reference currently. Have fun with your hunt.
Hi yea thank you for ur responses. Thats very helpful because mabey i was looking too much into cable capacitance. I thought that mabey a tonearm cable was more suited than a regular ic because the capacitance of regular ics are lower than tonearm cables capacitance. If that does not matter than oh yea i have a pair of tara labs prime m2 connected to my cd player, ill give thoes a try first. Oh yea about the Aq cables im a huge fan of them too, i have there rocket 88 speaker cables with the dbs pack and i love them!