Nordost or Audiodharma Cable cooker in Canada??

I've been looking around Ontario for a while for somebody with a Nordost or Audiodharma cable cooker with no luck. The purpose of this post is to see if anybody in Canada would be interested in buying one of these units as a group and sharing it by Canada Post Xpresspost across Canada. If you are interested, please post in this forum and I will add you to my email list and we can all communicate that way.
Here's some info on the Nordost and Audiodharma Cable cookers:

Jena Labs uses the Audiodharma, not too sure how it compares to the Nordost version.

The Audiodharma is $600 US New, so we could split it 5-12 ways, then we would all be able to use it for initial cable burn in and tune ups. If you are interested please email me or post on the forum.

Thanks :)

Waterloo, Ontario
Firstly, thank you Eric, for posting the contact and review information. Michael Fremer also did a short review on the Cable Cooker (tm) in the December 2001 issue of Stereophile. The audiodharma Cable Cooker is a trademarked name....the Nordost device is named the CBID (cable break-in device) and also referred to as the "cable toaster" by Nordost.

A slight correction on pricing......the Cable Cooker (standard version) is $649, which is a factory-direct price, btw. There is also a Pro version available now for $749, which is built primarily for heavy-duty users. It features upgraded all-metal binding posts (especially useful with very heavy and stiff speaker cables), a high-quality interior fan, and a special "bridging" switch and circuit allowing for simultaneous break-in and conditioning of interconnects, speaker cabling, AND power cabling. The standard version allows for simultaneous break-in of interconnect and speaker cabling, OR interconnect and power cabling. However, this new bridging switch and circuit is available on the standard version at a modest $30 upcharge, if one doesn't want the Pro version.

The idea of a few, or several people using and sharing the Cable Cooker is a good one. It is perfect for audiophile clubs, or groups of friends. My only concern is that everyone using it does so properly, so everyone receives the best conditioning possible. With that in mind, I am always available for questions on operation and cable break-in, and do so on a regular basis with customers. Your questions and inquiries are always welcome.


alan m. kafton
the version of the audioharma that jena and magic cables use is said to be an upgraded "commercial" version that has more robust terminals/ connectors. for more information, contact alan kafton:
alan used to be the distributor for the mobie, which, unfortunately, is no longer made (it is better than either of the units mentioned on this thread, tho it does not do cables or pc's). -cfb
Hmmm.... I guess I'll just have to let them break in the old-fashioned way !