Nordost Odin 1 vs Valhalla V2

The title says it all. Given the funds, which way to spend ones hard earned money? I am especially interested in speaker cables.
If it is "hard earned" money, I wouldn't purchase either, but if you have "easy come" money, the Odin 1 is a better performing cable if your like the Nordost sound.
Get Odin or buy a car.
I owned the Valhalla loudspeakercable for over 12 years of time. And several Valhalla powercables. I sold Nordost for over 9 yeras of time and also sold a lot of Valhalla. To be honest it was and is still incomplete. When I was at the Highend Show in Munic I could predict the stage of many systems with Odin before we heard them. All the systems had only 1 metre of depth. This is very limitd in the world of highend. I would not buy either of them!! There are enough better cables these days.