Nordost new power leads

HIFI+, the British magazine reviews the new Nordost power cables in issue 28: Shiva, Vishnu and Valhalla .

Review is enthusiastic on the enhancements those cables bring to a system, in particular the Valhalla.

Nevertheless, according to Roy Gregory (HIFI+ reviewer, those cables are very effective used straight out of the wall but, they do not mix with other leads or competition's distribution block (and Nordost has no distribution block available yet).

Has anyone heard them and could provide his comments?

I was planning to invest into a Hydra8 but i guess i will have to wait some more time to reach the electrical Gods' kingdom.
I am using a Shiva from a Tice Powerblock 3CHP to a Rega Planet 2000 and it sounds just awesome - it beat my Analysis Plus Power Oval (blue dot wattgate higher end model) handily.

On the other hand, my Shiva was handily beaten by a remarkably well-made stock 14ga power cord I took from a DEC Alpha server (white jacket, lots of soft gold plating) when hooked to my phono preamp, a Channel Islands VPP-1 with outboard PS. This was also hooked in through the Tice power conditioner.

So, it really depends on where you use it. I wasn't prepared for the massive disparity in performance when hooked to different sources... I was ready to throw up my hands after a stock cord beat up on it in my phono stage test. Then I hooked it up to the CD player and couldn't believe what I'd been missing with the other cord, which I had thought quite good in that role.

At the used price, it's easy to give it a try, and if it doesn't work out anywhere in your system, sell it to someone else.