Nordost New LE series speaker cables. Improved??

I am looking at THREE of the new Nordost "Leif" series speaker cables. "Purple Flair"; "Blue Heaven" and "Red Dawn" The PF is approximately in the middle of the series and the RD the top. I have heard the Purple Flare and thought they sounded OK; the "Blue Heaven" I did not hear because my local dealer had no loaners available. However, I have read and been told the "Red Dawn" is outstanding and the one to buy, though it ain't cheap.

Need some input on these new Nordost speaker cables, especially anyone who owns or has owned the new Red Dawn LE
Nordost Red Dawn was too bright for my system....I preferred the Blue Heaven
The original (pre-LEIF series) Blue Heaven and Red Dawn were indeed very different sounding, with BH being softer sounding and more laid back in perspective while the RD was more forward and revealing. This often led to one being generally preferred in a particular system type while the other sounded less suited to the same system. The new LEIF series is much more consistent in presentation and just gets better as you move up the line regardless of the system's perspective. Hope that this helps!
Thanks to Stringreen and Bill-k for their input, It is very helpful

To Bill-k: Your comments seem to indicate you heard these cables. The points made about the previous Nordost series are accurate. I have read similar comments.

I have been mulling this over for some time and just missed a deal on Leif RD, through my own hesitation. In my situation, I have a pair of Acoustic Zen Adagios which are a bit tipped upward(could be the room acoustics) and use a pair of Red Dragon digital monoblocks which I think may ad to the trace of brightness on the top end The Leif BH would be more affordable for me, but the few "existing" reviews I have read were not exactly enthusiastic for this upgraded version.

Previously, BH was supposed to be bloated in the bass with other anomalies in its frequency range. So, how much better can the new Leif BH be?? If they can convincingly outperform the entry level Audio Art SC5 speaker cable (under $200 for an 12 ft single pair) I currently use, I would be happy to put the search to rest.
I find the new Leif BH to be a definite and significant improvement over the original version, but I have no experience with the Audio Art cables to be able to make a meaningful comparison.