Nordost Magus - Best cheap power cord?

I had no idea until recently the significance of power cords. A friend provided a demonstration in my system with a PS Audio AC-5 cord and I could hardly believe the positive impact in sound quality. I was convinced and went in search of a cord with a limited budget. I compared the PS Audio AC-3, the Shunyata Diamondback and finally the Nordost Magus. The Nordost (after break-in) trumped the others by quite a margin and very inexpensive. The Nordost was fast, well extended from a deep, punchy bottom to a very detailed top end without sounding too bright, and the midrange and sound stage I found remarkable for such a budget cord. Try this before laying down long green. I found these cabbles through a person called the "cable guy", Scott? Scott "cooks" the cables first, a nice thing, I also found them in Music direct.