Nordost ICs mixing with other speaker cables

Just wondering if anyone has success? I read people advice NOT mixing Nordost with cables from other brands.
Mixing cables has been discussed here many times. Nordost, like any cable company, will suggest that you are better off with your system full of only their product. Only your ears can be the final judge on this question.
You may search the archives for other questions on mixing and matching cables. There is plenty of information there.
I'm a non-mixer myself. I think it is futile trying to match voiceings of different cables to find a reasonable sound.
I use Nordost Heimdall IC in conjunction with Mapleshade Double Helix Speaker Cables and have no issues. The sound is fantastic. Don't buy into the marketing hype - trust your ears; it if sounds good, that's all that really matters, right?
I guess I should have classified myself as a mixer. I find it futile to try to find one cable company that has the best of all worlds. About 15 years ago or so, I found that Tara Labs Decade cables throughout worked very well, but that is the last time that I've felt that way. I've used some big name cables since then too. Nordost, Stealth, Purist, Shunyata, etc. I've tried the inexpensive route too, like Anti-cables, Black Mountain, etc.

No matter which manufacturer, the further I went down the line using only their product, the more their sonic flaws became apparent. From my experiences, I've found it easier to balance one companies weakness with another companies strength.

But hey, that is why they make so many different flavors. As always, YMMV.
See this recent thread, among other past threads, for a discussion of this issue. As you'll see, there is no consensus.

In my post in that thread dated 12-15-12 I listed many ways in which the effects of interconnect cables, speaker cables, digital cables, and power cords are dependent on technical characteristics of the components that are being connected, in ways that often don't have much predictability. I described a couple of examples of how a given cable can sometimes even have exactly opposite sonic effects depending on what it is connecting.

The one-brand or "loom" approach essentially ignores all of those component-specific interactions and dependencies, causing the sonic effects resulting from those interactions and dependencies to become arbitrary. While the mixed set approach provides the user with the ability to optimize the selection of each cable to its specific application within the system, to whatever degree the user chooses to invest his or her time and money in doing so.

It seems to me that implicit in the loom approach is the assumption that all of the interactions, dependencies, and technical factors I listed in that post in the other thread, as well as others that could undoubtedly also be identified, are insignificant in relation to effects that are intrinsic to the particular cable designs, and that have no dependency on what is being connected.

IMO it would be a mistake to make that assumption. Although since your question appears to be limited to analog interconnects and speaker cables, your chances of success with a one-brand approach can be expected to be considerably greater than if your selection of digital cables and power cords were also being limited to the same brand.


-- Al
12-23-12: Jmcgrogan2
I guess I should have classified myself as a mixer.

I am a mixer as well and like Jmcgrogan2 have tried looms - all kimber select and MIT. As many will suggest if you have 1 network cable better to have all. That did not work for me. I also believe it brings on too much of a good thing or puts a bigger emphasis on inherent flaws.
Hi Kzhtoo,

I would not recommend mixing other cables with Nordost. I have tried without success mixing in other brands such as Cardas, Crystal and Ecosse.

In the finish I arrived at one simple conclusion. Cables add another variable to the system. Multiple brand cables = multiple variables. In HiFi it makes life more controllable when variables are reduced. Nordost has a 'house sound' that is surprisingly consistent across the portfolio. This is extremely helpful in not only reducing variables and attached risk to these - but in also creating a loom synergy which in certain instances seems to sum to greater than the parts. YMMV.
Every Nordost cable I've tried has been replaced with something else. As always, YMMV.
I upgraded to an all NORDOST FREY kit,

(a) Started with FREY XLR ICs .... a big improvement as expected so far ... great!

(b)I then next upgraded the speaker cables to NORDOST FREY shotgunned speaker cables with matched jumpers: = another quantum leap in improvement that was not subtle.

THE POINT: there is synergy in an all NORDOST system
I have had great success mixing Nordost IC's with other manufacturer's products. One of the few combinations that I actually didn't like was an all Nordost system. Too spotlit sounding for me.
I have the same experience as Wescoman's above. The Heimdal/Mapleshade combination is killer. Bright, but sounds fantastic.