Nordost ICs cause hum, replacement needed.

My system is as follows:

VPI Classic 1
Sony SCD-777ES SACD Player
Whest PS.30R Phono Stage
Musical Fidelity A5CR Pre Amp
2xMusical Fidelity A3CR Power Amps bi-wired (All amps upgraded by John Sampson)
ProAc D15 Speakers
Pioneer SC-LX75 Receiver
Grover Huffman Phono Interconnect
Nordost Red Dawn Speaker Cable
Nordost SPM Interconnect (SACD-Pre Amp)
Nordost Red Dawn Interconnect (Between pre amp and Power Amps)
Nordost Blue Heaven (Receiver - Pre Amp)

I have contemplated changing the Nordost cables for some time but now know that the system is picking up hum from the unshielded Nordost Interconnects, especially between the receiver and the preamp. I have confirmed this using borrowed cables.
I wish now to replace the nordost cables, I want shielded hum-free cables which are as neutral and revealing as possible.
I'd like to spend under USD200 per interconnect, the less the better.

I'm currently looking at the following but all suggestions and advice are welcome.
Graham Slee Cusat50
Grover Huffman

Thanks in advance for your help.
I use and am completely enamored with the Grover Huffman interconnects. I have owned thousands and thousands of dollars worth of every high-end cable you can imagine.

I really consider Grover's cables as one of the best buys in audio. They need a really long break-in period. Grover recommends at least 200 hours, I say closer to 400-500 to settle in.
Hi, Taralabs cables are shielded,and sound very nuetral when you spend an adequate amout of money,I have The zero gold,Its a blessing from above to have this I/C,I bought used at a deal I could never pass up!since I have been buying Tara for 17 years,cheers, Happy Listening!
I remember your poweramps very well. Fast, but clinical for a MF amp. I did some shows for MF in Holland. I sold a lot Nordost for many years. I would recommend Kimber or Audioquest as interconnect. You will win a lot. Much better focus ( individual focus) and a more musical sound overall.
Thanks Bo, the amps are much better now after being completely refurbished by John Sampson who was the MF Service Manager for many years, the improvement after his work is huge. If I can get the right interconnects it should sound pretty special.
The focus and speed is exeptional. Wen it came out there was nothing for they money what was that fast and sharp focus.
Have you tried Audio Art IC-3? Pretty impressive to me, very clean and neutral with great highs.
Hi,I recommended Taralabs for a good shielded cable,nobody comitted? thats strange,since Tara is more realistic sounding than all the cables here under discussion,I do know Tara is exspensive,I believe you get what you pay for!,However,I am glad to learn about new brands and the performance of whats out there,I will look into listening to some Kimber cable,The reviews sound great on the select models,may consider kimber for second system,the main system is the best Tara makes and sounds great on that system,so I will not change that,since to my tast none of these cable can rival the Tara extreme series cables on that particular system,Please, tell me more of the posibilitys out there.Happy listening!
I'm more and more tempted to try the reasonably priced British cables form these two guys:
Never buy cabels by tests. Always do your own testing. Testing of cables is not about your taste. It is only about an opinion of a person or magazines.
I agree!