Nordost Heimdall XLR interconnect break-in time

Hi anyone knows how long it takes to fully break-in?
Anyone? Thanks.
From what remember, I think most of the change was had after about 300hrs. I cant be sure there was much change after that. I do remember the process was slower than on Nordost speaker cables. Expect a smoother more detailed but less edgy 3 dimensional sound.
Thank you, Mike.
My problem is switching in both new pre and IC at the same time (I know but I have no choice because I'm on in-home trial period for the pre). The system is getting improve little by little at the moment. Currently on the fourth day.
The pre unit is brand new too.
Hi Mike how do you think of Heimdall IC in general? I'm relatively new in all these. I bought them from Music Direct because they are on sale and ranked pretty high on popularity index.
my experience is for Heimdall 2 power cords. they took 48 hours to change sound character for the better. i think the next hurdle for even better break-in is 100 hours.

hope am being helpful.
I have the NORDOST XLR FREYs with about 100 hours on them, and the cables are still not yet broken in.

my guess: 300 hrs appears about right
I have Heimdall interconnect and speaker cables. The dealer reckoned 300 hours for the interconnect and even longer for the speaker cable
Wow! These high end cables are fussy! I think the 300hrs is so that YOUR EARS actually tell YOUR BRAIN that you are hearing difference and that makes you feel good about spending tons of money on cables! LMAO! Give me a break-in-period!
Doremisfasol, your system must be like my car stereo. LOL
Lmao Doremisfasol!! I like the way you put that.
Well if you don't have the patience for the break-in period you could always try to find a service that has a cooking service such as this retailer in the Vancouver, BC area.