Nordost Heimdall 2 vs Wireworld Eclipse 8 vs Jorma Trinity Speaker Cable?


Marten Parker + Boulder 866.

I demoed with PAD speaker cable. PAD works great with relatively bright & sharp speakers like Utopia from Focal.
(by slightly rolled of the edge of the top) - PAD has warmth, rounded big bass and smoothness

But for my combination, I want to try make the sound a bit more acute and give little more openness to top part.
If possible. (Boulder makes the sound rounded already.)

I tried Canare 4s11. Kind of okay but I think I might do better.
I want to try Mogami reference cable, but it’s impossible to get.

So, my candidates are

- Jorma Trinity (Marten uses Jorma Cable, the description sounds like the one I want but not much actual information from real experience)
- Nordost Heimdall 2 (I expect lean & sharp character from Nordost)
- Kimber Carbon 16 (Monocle is too warm)
- Wireworld Eclipse 8 (I know a person went to Demo of Marten Mingus. The dealer used Jorma first then switched to Eclipse. - But this eclipse is the reference one, I’m talking about the BASIC eclipse.)

Or any other cable that might have similar character.
I don’t want to spend the money, I want to tune a sound a bit.
I’m not even talking about improving sound overall, (at least it looks like a really tough challenge), yet I know the sound might change. - The reason? I honestly think even cable manufacturers don’t really know. 
Still I need to tune the sound.

This would be my final possible touch. (Except speaker cable, I don’t have any other variables in sound chain.)

Thicker cable is preferred though I only plan to run 2-2.5m. (I know the theory, but I have my own reason.)

Thank you.

Given everything you listed I think the only option for you is to try them and experiment.   Some cable retailers let you audition them for either free or a nominal fee.  
I don't think I would go with the Nordost Heimdall.  They would definitely be the lean and sharp character you are expecting because of the silver-plated wire.  The Focal speakers are very hard to make sound good because they are so lean and fast.  They essentially have no character and a lot comes across as sterile or flat or sharp.

The Wire World Eclipse model is likely going to be a good option.  I have tested the Eclipse level XLR interconnects, which use the exact same design.  They pretty much separate out all the strands, so it's practically a true solid-core approach (just using very small strands).  They have excellent resolution and all the sound is there, but it's just very tiny bit slightly laid back / soft.  But not in a bad way.  Like I said, all the high frequency resolution is there.  It's just not quite as good as my reference cables (hand built).  It's a pure copper using OCC copper, but with silver-plated connectors.

The Kimber Carbon 16 might also be a good option.  Just be aware that if you choose gold plated connectors, it may warm up the sound too much for you.  The Kimber PM33 spades are very neutral and fast.
How long did you run in the Canare 4S11 cables? I spoke with Canare and was told the cables sound their best with 400 hours on them. Canare doesn’t know why but stated it as fact. They were right, after putting a bit over 400 hours on the cables, they really settled in.

Recently bought a longer Canare cable for my left speaker as it wasn’t quite long enough. With one new cable and one that has been used for a full year, the difference in sound is noticeable. A month later and the left cable is getting close to the sound of the right. I had speaker cables that were $1500.00 each before the Canare and the Canare is light years better at about 5% the price of the others.

Bottom line is don’t give up on the Canare. I feel it’s the best deal in all of audio. RAM Labs sells the Mogami speaker wire and last time I looked was available for sale.

I didn’t know Canare had burn-in recommendation.

I totally understand that simply higher price doesn’t mean better sound.
I begin to see cable as effect filters for photos.

Anyway, I do plan to keep Canare. It provides really balanced fine sound.

After some research, I think I drop the idea of Heimdall2 and want to try Eclipse 8 with a hope that this one is overall better than Canare.

About the Mogami, I’m talking about W2804. 
This is Mogami’s reference line.

I found it Japan once, but didn’t buy it... really regret this.
2804 is extremely difficult to find.