Nordost Heimdall?

Since Nordost is having a half off sale on these cables I was wondering if the Heimdall balanced IC's and speaker cable might be a good match for my system
Ayre CX-7eMP
Aesthetix Calypso
Bel Canto ref500M
Von Schweikert VR-2
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Honestly only you can be the judge of that. In case you are not aware the 1/2 off or more sale is because the Norse line is being replaced with the Series 2. The Baldur has been dropped and the Tyr is now added to the Norse line.

I think the Heimdall is the best bang for the buck in the Norse line. I own the Frey's and love them. I'm looking forward to hearing the series 2 when my dealer gets them.

I am aware of Nordost is replacing the line with series two. I thought this might be a good opportunity to upgrade my cables. (MAC Mystic IC's and MAC CuQ speaker)