nordost frey vs. tyr


Trying to take advantage of the nordost "old line" sale. Did anyone compare the tyr IC against the frey (or even the heimdall) ? I have an Esoteric CDP, Music culture mc601 pre and Pass Labs xa60.5 amps. Thanks in advance.
I think the Heimdall and the Tyr are the sweet spot in the Nordost line up. I own Heimdall ICs and SC in my system and I listened to the Frey and didn't think the Freys were better than the Heimdalls to be honest. The Tyr deliver almost Valhalla-type performance at a material discount to the Valhallas. With the current typical 50% off on Nodost Series 1 (old line) cables, if you can afford the Tyr cables, that's what I would go with.