Nordost Frey vs Quattrofil

I have searched the archives and noticed the lack of information on the Frey and would be grateful if someone could comment on this cable.

I have actually shortlisted the Quattrofil and the Valkyrja as I was particularly looking to add some transparency, speed and dynamics to my somewhat warm-sounding system. I have read that the Frey sounds better than the Valkyrja's in one's system and can be had at a cheaper price. If possible, I would like to stay in the Nordost line of cables.

Any comments would be most appreciated.

I have both of them.The Frey needs a lot of time burn-in but then It run great,
I prefer Quattrofil sound.I think it´s more natural perhaps is not too rich like the Frey but more smooth and natural
I have bought a pair of the Frey interconnects and they are now in between my CD and pre, replacing the ultra-cheap QED Qnect cables. They are quick, dynamic and extended from top to bottom, perfect for a system that leans toward warmth. I liked them so far. The revolutionary WBT plugs that require locking is quite interesting though although wear and tear can be an issue with frequent swap of cables.