Nordost ECO 3 Static Inhibitor anyone?

Just picked up a bottle of this stuff and was wondering if anyone out there has tried it?

The sales people say to spray it on cds and they will sound better. I noticed a residue left behind on the disc, could this be the intent? The directions on the bottle don't mention cds just cables.

That's right it says to wipe down your cables to prevent static. The web site isn’t much better at telling me what to do with the product above and beyond wiping down my cables.

I sent a note to Nordost asking if it was OK to douse my cds, they haven't got back to me yet.

I'm not sure if this stuff works or not

I think I'm, wait a minute, yep, I'm confused.
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Call 1-508-881-1116 EST , ask for Vin, he is the owner, he will be more than happy to explain this Product!, One thing about Nordost They have the BEST people working in thier company! Another thing about the company, there stuff WORKS!
wish I can say that for some OTHER companies! ;c)
Hi Glen, I hav'nt used it yet myself but I am planning to.
If I remember correctly it is ok to use on the cd
itself, but I believe you are supposed to apply it to the label side. I also remember reading you can spray it directly on the transport as well. Yes it does work on the cabels too. Hope this helps. as always.....good luck!!! Vader
It works great. It is only the label side of CD your supposed to use. I also spray down a cloth and dab some of the components and interal wires in my equipment, it makes the soundstage even more resolving and the backgrouds even quieter.
Thanks guys here's the response from Vin at Nordost

Dear Glen,

Thank you for your inquiry. Actually, one of the demonstrations we do at trade shows is to spray a CD with ECO3 and show the audience the improvement it makes. It is quite effective in lowering the noise floor and improving the dynamics of the system. When you use it on a CD you should apply it only to the label side. Even though it is water based, it will leave a slight film over many uses which is not a good thing on the information side of your disc.

I hope this is helpful.

Best regards,

Vin Garino
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try Endust for Electronics, an equally effective antistatic spray at about 1/4 the price of eco3
Just for the record they say not to spray this stuff on your components
Right Glen - you spray the Endust on a blue lintfree paper towel & use that to clean faceplates, video display screens, you name it. Also for application to the label side of CD's it does improve the sound of some, but not others. I've used it on cables as well.
the best stuff to use on components is rubbing alcholol!
endust atrracts the dust, and builds up.
NO NO NO rubbing alcohol - contains Lanolin - an oil
THE WORST thing you could possibly abuse your equipment with
Bob, tell that to Madrigal, they use it ALL the time. All my customers take my advise on Rubbing Alcohol, and was amazed. blows away endust and it alot cheaper, cleans better, preserves and protects. i would advise people in this forum to try and will see what i mean. for your cables eco3 the ticket!