Nordost Dawn LS Series Speaker Cables

I was hoping to get some feedback from some other members that own/owned or heard the Nordost Red Dawn LS Series Speaker Cables. I just bought a set and added the older Nordost Red Dawn Jumper cables to my Martinlogan Spire Speakers that I drive with Decware Tube amp and preamp products and an Ayre DAC and I am blown away by these cables. What an incredible upgrade. I can't believe there are still people out there that actually really think that cables don't matter and really believe it. How can that be? Do these get better over time and more use? Also, I tried the Nordost recommended diagonal bi-wire/jumper cable set up which seems to work great. Any advice or feedback would be appreciated. I am so happy with these I may have to try the next step up in the line but with this manufacture it can get pretty costly and quick. Thanks
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Yes, the Nordost speaker cables gets very expensive when you move up the line. I believe the next step up for you is the Norse 2 series. The only Nordost cable I own and tried was the Red Dawn Flatline IC.... I used it between a separates combo I just sold, but am now trying it out on my Rega Apollo player.

I bought a brand new Rogue Sphinx integrated amp which has been getting very good reviews. So far I still breaking it in and evaluating its sound

Let me ask if you don't mind, I am toying with changing my speaker cable. My speakers are Acoustic Zen Adagios; I am considering the new RD LE speaker wire. Unfortunately, I need about a 12 ft single pair and RD is expensive stuff, so I wonder if dropping down to Blue Heaven LE speaker cable would still deliver better sound than my Audio Art SC5 which is their entry level speaker cable. The SC5 sounds good, but I want to push the envelope to get the best sound from the Adagios without dumping a ton of money into speaker cable.

Sorry, I could not be more helpful. However, if you have specific questions about the Nordost upper level reference cables, call the company and ask for Paul, He is very knowledgeable about the new cable products
When I changed my cables from Frey 1 to Frey 2 my dealer threw in a couple sets of Red Dawn 2 interconnects. I found them very close to the Frey 1. I had them both connected to my dac (1 was XLR the other RCA). The only thing that skewed my ability to compare was that the XLR played a bit louder.
Great cables.