Nordost Corporation v. Kristensen

Do a google search for this. Nordost is plaintiff and Lars is defendant. Anyone know what this is about?
A legal dispute.
That was helpful.
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Lars Christensen is co founder of this company, they make wires, I'm all but certain that it has to do with this.

TAS Article look towards end of second paragraph.

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Thanks. Your response was helpful as well.
Seriously, I think we all got the idea that it was a legal dispute from the title of the thread.
Sorry for not taking the thread seriously. I called Nordost and asked them what the legal dispute was over and they told me it was none of my business and hung up.
Of course they hung up.

As one forum owner recently posted "the whole thing is just silly."
If you really want to know, you can click here and pay their fee and you can get a copy of the filings in US District Court for Massachusetts.
I just hope he wasn't held down against his will and quantum tunneled! That holds a stiff penalty in Massachusetts, home of litigious innovation. I'll do a little google research.
And it hurts like a bi##ch!