Nordost Cables

I have recently changed over my amps from a valve set up to chip amps and need a new Interconnect. I currently have an Audionote IC and it leaves the sound a little too bright especially on bad CDs. I have borrowed a Nordost Frey and like what it does, although the blue Heaven lost too much detail in comparison. Unfortunately I can't afford a new wiring loom or a $1,000 IC at the moment.

Anyone any experience of the Heimdall or Baldur and will they give me something similar ? Would the SPM do the same magic as they appear used at lower costs?
spm are good,used Quattro fil are better, I have both, Quattro fil is more open and much less harsh,Good luck,
Hi George,

I have experienced all 3 models: Frey, Heimdall, SPM
Altough you will hear a small difference between the Frey and the Heimdall, the Heimdall will retain all the qualities you found in the Frey but to a lesser extent.
To my ears the new models Frey and Heimdall are clearly superior to the SPM, probably explaining why there are so much SPM on the used market right now. The new models are much more full sounding and musical, conveying more bass.
As far as the Baldur goes I haven't heard them but they are using the same technology as their big brothers, except for the NextGen connectors so they should retain the same sound charateristics.
From my experience over the last few years I find the SPM IC I have dark, can I say suppressive? I use it on CDs that I find much too aggressive/bright. I feel the SPM IC filters out alot of "noise"? Part of the situation here is that listening to the Vallahas has change my perspective of cable performance.

The Vallahas are in another league. Very clear maybe too clean; seem to be a bit too much on some guitar pieces at the very high notes. And aging hearing is not helping. Very good on classical pieces. The SPM and Vallaha do not work well together in my experience.

I can add that a pair of Black Knight ICs from the mid 1990s has been very relaxing and one that I am keeping. Not the greatest detail.
Thanks guys. It looks as though it would be worthwile getting a Heimdall IC in to ensure I can live with it and should not lose too much; apart from costs.
Hello audiogon members.
I'm going to buy Nordost speaker cables.With my budget I'm between Blue Haven and Red Dawn.If you see specifications for this cables , the different between RD and BH it only 10 (!) mocrons extruded silver over same 99.99999%OFC. But if you looking the price, Red Dawn almost 2,5 (!!!) time more expensive.According to the Nordost website, both cables in same category "Better", between "Goob" and "Best".
My question: It is realy worth it to pay for Red Dawn versus Blue Haven .Looking forward for your opinions.
What Audio Note IC to you have George?

I thought it was worth the difference, although I don't use Nordost cables anymore. The Red Dawns were more detailed and worked well on my digital gear. Also, as to price, look around as Nordost cables are pretty well discounted. I only paid about $50 more for my Red Dawns than I did my Blue Heavens.
Rnik, you really have to hear that cables in your system to decide whether the price difference is worth for you. None the less, once you are in the Nordost camp, the more you go upward, the better the sound. Nordost cables are voiced to be fast but lean. The higher you are (in price) more music you get. Also, I would go for the new line of Nordost cables, which have a different geometry and arguably a better balanced soundprint. But before getting into that spiral of constant upgrading, I think you are better of trying RS Cables, which gives you Nordost style soundprint for a whole lot less money (actually, for me, the Rs Cables Silver speaker was better than the RedDawn), or Goertz MI2 Veracity, which gives a more fuller sound, while retaining speed and transparency. Both cables cost fraction of the price of the RedDawn.
For Rnik; Let us know what your system is, possibly some other cable or newer Nordost product would be better.....but to very briefly answer your question, used Blue Heaven (version 2) usually works better in most good/better systems. Good Luck, Mike.
Brianmgrarcom; I use ANV cables. A Heimdall is now on its way for evaluation so it will be interesting to hear what it does. Certainly agree with Utopia though.
my system is:
Andar by Eaglestoneworks speakers;
pair of monoblocks eAr1001 by Accoustic Reality (600w each);
Ear Master One preamp.with Fire Wire by Accoustic Reality,I'm going to use with my PC music files.
Any adwise for speakers cables?
Thank you, Val
Thanks for the reply George. The AN-V's are great cables and IMO I don't think they are causing brightness in your system, maybe revealing it. (Just my opinion.)
If you like the flatwire concept try the Alpha Core Goertz cables. I had been considering Nordost SPM until I cam across a forum here that discussed these cables. Great value for the dollar. Mine are the Goertz MI-2 Veracity which is copper, but they make a silver version too.
I went from Nordost SPM and Quattrofil to Consonance and lost nothing! Nordost is good stuff but pricing is a killer...I was shocked the inexpensive Consonance matched up as well if not better.
Rnik if you are talking Andra Eggleston,try the Paul
Speltz speaker cable, I sold my expensive cables,
and now using the PS.Check my system.
I have Andra II's and just heard cables from MIT, Nordost(Red Dawn), Cardas Neutral Reference, Audience Au24, Analysis Plus, and Nirvana S-X Ltd. The best by far are the Nirvanas. The harmonics are outstanding and much richer and truer than any other cable I have heard. The soundstage is well proportioned. Image focus is great. The quality that is hard to describe is the coherency and rightness of the music. The timing is right. Things hang together like a live performance. Overall the best sense of realism. The Andras have never sounded so good. Good luck,