nordost cable burn in device

Anyone have experience with this device?
The Canadian Mag The Inner Ear reviewed it. They gave it a very good review, also the British mag HIFI+ raved about it. Haven't used it personally as the local Nordost dealer doesn't carry one....Cheers, bluenose
i have owned one for 3 months. i have broken in 4 sets of valhalla interconnects, one quattro fil phono cable and the transparent opus mm speaker cable. i haven't used the MOBIE so i have no comparitive info but this thing really works. when i first got my 7 meter valhalla i immediately inserted it into the system. brand new it was good but not great; a little congested and thin sounding. every night i put it on the CBID 1 and after 20 hours i listened again. the first 4 nights some steady improvement; the 5th night, it suddenly openned up and smoothed out. the soundstage increased, images fleshed out, and dynamics improved; the sound came alive! it continued to slightly improve for 2 more nights. 4 full days are recommended for full breakin. they also recommend 2 days once a year for a "tune-up".

i didn't listen to any other cables incrementally but the improvement was significant. the opus was already broken in conventionally for 300 hours but it too improved but not as much as the new ICs.

for what it does i think it is great. highly recommended.
While i'm not sure, i think that the Nordost "burner" ramps the level of the signal up and down whereas the Mobie keeps the signal at a constant level. As such, the Mobie should be more effective due to a higher average power level being present and require less time to do the same job. Then again, this is purely speculative as i do not know all of the details on the Nordost. Sean