Nordost Blue Heven vs Nordost Red Dawn?

Can any one compare these cables for me. I'm debating going to the Red Dawn from the Blue Heaven to my tuner. Comparisons of these cables would be appreciated.
Why aren't you looking for cables that aren't bright, thin and blatantly colored?
Perhaps because I don't know better. Please give your opinion of a non thin , non bright and uncolored cable.
Mitch, As a rule, as you go up in expense with the Nordost cables, you get "more" of the qualities of the lower cable. If they cleared up the sound of a dark tube preamp you should expect more of the same. If you like what the Blue Heavens bring to your system, you will like the Red Dawns even more. I loved my Red Dawns when I had a Mosfet amp and a tubed pre-amp running KEF 104s. However I couldn't use them when I switched the amp and the speakers. Jim
Mitch, no cables are completely uncolored but many accentuate certain frequencies. You notice it most in cables that present vocals very forward or what some people call "in your face" and cables where the cymbals "shimmer" for an extra 10 seconds and the "s" sounds are accentuated. When I mentioned "thin", I was referring to the weight of instruments. Most cables will let you know when a piano is playing (I believe that piano music is the most difficult to reproduce accurately). The difference is whether it sounds like a large wooden structure with all the appropriate resonances or was built by Tyco. Jimd is correct when he said that the same cable on two different sources was not a match on both components. Everybody here has wriiten about the virtues of various cables and with what sources. It might benefit you to re-read some of those threads. People will use the word "neutral" when describing certain cables. I take this to mean that the sound is balanced across the frequency range without any particular tone
becoming more noticable than others. The best cbles are the ones that make you forget they are there and all you hear is music.

I have been auditioning both the Red Dawn & Blue Heaven and found the Red Dawn to be more detailed. Then I brought home Acoustic Zen Satori's and that blow the doors of both of the Nordost cables. Needless to say, I purchased the Zen's.
The Blue Heaven have a more "forward" presentation, and a little emphasis to the midrange compared to the Red Dawn, which is more even/flat/neutral; yada yada yada...

A tuner is not going to have real deep bass or dog whistle highs like a CD player or LP setup. You should maybe try to borrow a pair of Red Dawn to try first, and make up your own mind. But my guess without listening is to stay with the Blue Heaven. You may find the Red Dawn just brings out the shortcomings in FM broadcasts.

You may also find the Red Dawn a little dry in comparison, depending on your setup.
Sorry guys. Another question here.

Basically I have the Blue Heaven speaker cables to my Sonus Faber Grand Piano older version (not the HOMES) driven by Classe CAP-100. Source is Sony XA7ES.

I was just wondering whether a change to either the Red Danws or the SPM Reference will give me a SIGNIFICANT improvement in sound quality. What I wouldn't like is to strain my ear hard to hear the differences.

I was looking at the SPM Reference since I guess the differences between the Blue Heaven and the Read Dawns will be quite minor. Thanks in advance.
Horrible I/C' shielding. Tried a set and hated them for the 2 weeks I kept them.
Kevin...regarding a significant it won't. The color will change a bit, but then any orchestra sounds different in different'll get used to the new color, but will realize its not an upgrade at all. if you were talking power cords...yes, the right ones will give a significant improvement.