Nordost Blue Heaven vs Shunyata Venom V10 NR

A comparison of Nordost Blue Heaven vs Shunyata Venom V10 NR. Granted the proper comparison based on price is probably the Red Dawn but this is what I have. A very modest system consisting of Revel Gem 2 stand mounted, Krell KAV 250, and Marantz AV7005 SSP. Speaker cables and interconnects are Bettercables. As a preface, both cables are instantly noticeably better than stock power cords. In terms of comparison, they definitely have very similar sounds. Both are very fast and resolute. However, the Shunyata is more palpable, a larger sound, and overall more enjoyable. The Shunyata seemed to smooth out harshness to make the music more pleasing to the ear. I would be curious to hear Red Dawn or Heimdall 2. Overall, even in my modest system the PC’s were easily noticeably better than stock. This test was performed only with the power cords on the Krell amp. The Shunyata is the clear winner.
The Blue Heaven PC shares  the Norse(Heimdall) build, so upgrading will likely be very subtle if at all noticeable. YMMV.

I use full Nordost from wall to speakers
Isn't the Red Dawn in general, supposed to have a bit of added body in comparison to other Nordost models.