Nordost Blue Heaven vs Heimdahl 2 vs Harmonic Technologies Para S - II

  My wife and I just moved into a new house. I have a Mac 6900 integrated amp and Focal 1027 speakers acquired in 2007. Prior to this move my cable has been Kimber 8TC’s purchased at that time and I was very happy with them – the system sounded great.  Because of the new living room configuration, I will be forced to place the speakers in a location where the 8TC’s would be visible, a situation not acceptable to my wife or myself. There is a large area rug in front of where the speakers would go which can hide flatline cables like one of the Nordost cables. I am leaning towards the Blue Heavens. My question is this: would one consider the Nordost Blue Heavens equivalent in sound quality to the 8TC’s?  Although price doesn’t necessarily determine relative quality, the Blue Heavens (in 2021) would cost approximately the same for the same length of 8TC’s that I paid in 2007. Another question: if I took the plunge and went for the Heimdahl 2’s  in the Norse 2 category of cables (twice the price of the Blue Heavens), would that be overkill for a system like mine?  Or would they be too bright and fatiguing? I have read reviews comparing the Red Dawn cables (one step above the Blue Heavens in this Leif family) and generally reviewers thought they were brighter than the Blue Heavens. I wouldn’t want to pay double for the Heimdahl 2’s  and find them even brighter than the Red Dawns.  Lastly, Harmonic Technologies make a flatline speaker cable – the Para S II but I’ve never seen a review of them. Any thoughts on these? I would appreciate members’ views on this. Thanks.

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