Nordost Blue Heaven to SPM Reference

Nordost cables are known to be very detailed, quick and having a fast transient response while their only caveat is in the bass department. Anyhow I don't think this is an issue with me since I am thinking of improving the bottom end of my speakers with a subwoofer.

I have the Blue Heaven speaker cables on my SF Grand Piano and was thinking of upgrading to the SPM Reference. Will I get a substantial improvement? I am just concerned on the ratio of money spent/improvements in sound. If the differences are huge I don't mind getting rid of my Blue Heaven for the SPM. Any comments?

Thanks in advance.
If your taste is in to Nordost the difference is significant. The spm is great, a huge leap over blue heaven. Actually I heard a difference from blue heaven to red dawn. Its a taste thing. I have used nordost and still have a system with it, but have gone to a different style on my main system. In some respects I think the speed I hear in Nordost is somewhat artificial and gives the music a speed it is not naturally producing. I have gone to sonoran plateau, which, while far less expensive, is nonetheless competitive in quality. It is also extremely warm and transparant. Anyway I still like Nordost.
How can a cable be said to have a "fast transient response"?
Thanks for your response. If you heard a difference between the Red Dawn and the Blue Heaven then it should further reinforce my belief that the SPM is just greater. Some people have pointed out that the step-up from the BH to RD is not too significant but from the BH to the SPM the difference is huge.

Well have to keep saving up for those purple candy-coloured wires and they are certainly not cheap!
A few years ago I tried the Red Dawn's, Blue Heaven's, and SPM. I agree with Ryder the jump from Blue Heaven's to SPM was significant…..but so was the cost. I opted for Harmonic Tech's at that time (prior to any advertising/reviews), because of the cost difference, and their 30-day trial program. Because the SPM's while perhaps a little better than the HT’s in some areas, their sonic differences weren’t justified by their significant extra cost.

Since then, I've changed some of my components, and have gone with a cable fabricated by a local fellow hobbyist. His cables were so close to the positives of Nordost Valhalla's it was scary, and their cost was less than my Harmonic Tech's -- an absolute no brainer for me.

I suggest you try as many cables in your system that you can get your hands on. If no local dealers are nearby, the Cable Company has a lending program that may be beneficial.
I am using the SPM's in my system and I have no problem with the bass response. It's there, it's deep, and it's tight. I have not heard the Blue Heavens.

The SPM's are fast, and this 'quickness' could, I suspect, be heard as somewhat 'lean'. In other words, they are not warm sounding. I use them with my Aerial 10T's which fall on the warmer side; they love that purple wire--it's a match made in (not blue)heaven.

Good Luck.
The reason some people get more bass response with Nordost SPM's and some people get less should be obvious. Wire doesn't produce bass response, it only carries the signal. A person with components -- wire is *not* a component -- that can resolve more bass will hear more bass -- either with Nordost SPM's or with generic well insulated 12 gauge speaker cables. IMO, people go from cable to cable, spending more and more money looking for capabilities that should come from their components in the hopes that $600 cables will turn 3,000 speakers into $6,000 speakers. If it were *me* and I were looking for an upgrade, I would consider selling my "high end" cables and Grand Pianos and employing that money towards an upgrade to the Sonus Faber Cremonas or towards a higher end source or better amplification. You *might* hear a difference between BH and SPM's, and it *might* just be a matter of taste, but you will *definitely* hear a difference AND get more resolution, coherence, soundstage, etc. from higher end components. IMO, it would be money better spent to upgrade components while looking for that particular sound you like than to stand pat with the rest of your system while trying to upgrade the cables. If it is the sensation of "speed" for which you are looking, the first place I would look would be either your amplifer or front end. You *might* be able to get that sensation from certain cables -- and that is debatable, but you can DEFINITELY get that sensation from certain amplifiers and front ends. The Grand Pianos are nice speakers. If they aren't singing for you, I would look at components upstream. Wire is wire -- it carries the signal from and to your components. It is not a component. JMO.
I had Blue Heavens for several years and then went to SPM about three years ago...I also use Quattrofil...Blue Heavens are airy and detailed but the SPM takes it to a whole new level...if you have the equipment that has this type of resolution ability then I'd go for it, otherwise it's just overkill...the Blue Heavens are very good, the SPM have much better bass, among other things...I bought my wires used on Audiogon.
Yes. SPM Reference is a quantum leap from Blue Heaven. You'll get a real taste in hi end cables. However, you should try to figure out if your speaker cables is the component that's holding you back.
I'm not selling the Grand Pianos as they are great speakers both sonically and aesthetically. I have sold my Classe CAP-100 integrated earlier as it doesn't have the power to make the Grand Pianos sing. I am now using ARC D130 to drive the speakers which proved to me a marked improvement over the Classe. I will be getting the powerful Bryston 4B-ST in a couple of weeks time JUST for the GP's. So you can see I am still changing my *components* to get the detail and speed that I wanted.

I am well aware that cables can do "just much" and it largely depends on the equipment/componenents in a particular system. I am just like everyone else trying to extract the best out of my system using the best cable(for the money).

I know there will be substantial difference from the BH to SPM jump but just trying to justify that the SPM Reference won't be too much of an overkill for my relatively modest Grand Pianos-Bryston 4B ST combination.
You can also consider NBS speaker cables. I had the NBS Master and I like it better than the SPM. More authority and all frequency range. I would definitely prefer the ARC D130 over Bryston 4BST. 4BST is okay for entry level. You can do a lot better with 7BST or 14BST.
Geez this is getting far more complicated than I thought. I've actually posted a thread in the amp section on getting the 4B ST. There's no doubt on the capabilites of the D130 but I am guessing that the Bryston will suit my system better than the ARC D130 with the extra power on tap since the Grand Pianos are laidback in nature. I don't have the budget for the 7B or 14BST.

On cables, I don't know why I still prefer Nordost and nothing else. Anyway will give the NBS a thought though.
I would wait until you get the Bryston into your system before making the cable change and then I would get some 12 gauge copper cables and put the Nordost BH's in your system for a week and then the 12 gauge copper cables in for a week and see what you think. Then, if you're still unhappy, consider
upgrading your source. The last thing would be a cable upgrade.
I'm in agreement that the SPM improved both the ultimate bass output AND removed a transient edginess existing in the Red Dawn. The extra bass didn't surprise me as the SPMs are larger. The cleaner top octaves was a treat. Yet I bought the SPMs at 70% off used, making them a no-brainer. I found the Red Dawn, Siltech whatever, Discovery Essence and HT ProSilway XLRs almost indistinguishable from the RD, but the SPM was clearly better than all these.
Too bad, as I always like cheap giant-killers.
Subaru for the price of SPM compare to RD it should
outperform the RD,With respect to you, It depends
on the Siltech model,probably the lower model, I
agree, but the LS120, and the LS188, forget it.Ask
Sonic genius.I have not mention the compass lake yet.
I think very few Agoners knows about siltech, Ernie
this are one of the finest.
The Red Dawn on my system, sounds very very good,
smooth, transparent,bass is not lacking at all,
Josh Groban is live in my room.
I agree that the RD sounds great, and still use it in the less fussy pre-to-monos XLRs. But the SPM simply removed the psychoacoustic transient "edge" that imparted a slight articiality to the presentation. The SPM simply sounds more natural (less "obviously" high-rez) than the RD on my balanced CDP, as well speaker lines. Again, unless I had found them at 60-70% discounted I probably would have gone sideways instead of "up", as I don't believe in overpriced cables. Yet Nordost's fairly unique Teflon slow-extrusion process and geometry have obvious merit in a well-balanced system. Having a squeaky-clean front end helps, as does proper room damping and proper tweeter integration.