Nordost Blue Heaven

WOW! I just bought some new Nordost Blue Heaven IC's - 1m pair at music direct for $129 on sale. I was replacing some Nordost 300B Micro twin which I was finding a tad warm in my system.

My system is comprised of:

Sonus Faber GUarneri Memento speakers
AES Six Pacs - upgraded
Cambridge Audio 840C CDP
Clear Day Shotgun speaker cables (SUPERB!)

Anyway, the cardas cable made my system sound very warm and thick. I decided to give the Blue Heavens a try as I heard they can help liven up a warm system. I placed the only pair I bought between my CD and PRE and the first day I though "OH NO! Where did the Bass go??"

By day two holy cow!! These things sound beautiful! My soundstage expanded about 2Ft on each side, and I am hearing much more detail without any harshness at all!

Vocals are now perfect and instruments sound so real. I can only imagine what some mid tier Nordost would do for me.

Amazing cable IMO and cheap. Now I am curious to try their speaker cable!
Steve,I also had great luck with Blue Heavens in my system.They are a great"bang for the buck" cable especially at the price you paid for new ones.Used 1 meter pairs are usually about $100.00.Enjoy.
I bought the 2.5 M bi-wire Blue Heaven Rev II for half off at MD a couple weeks ago. It was an amazing transformation. Bass tight and tuneful, mids lush and highs clear and grain-free. I'm stoked since they sound this good out of the box, how much better can it get after a couple hundred hours?

Anybody ever compare these to Anti-Cables? And is the sale still on - can't seem to find it on their site...
I did compare to Anti-cables and no contest in my system - Blue Heaven you Steve I am curios to move up the line (when I can afford) - could anyone chip in, what is the Red Dawn like in comparision?
Some time ago I was using Blue Heaven interconnects and made the switch to Red Dawn. Red Dawn offers more of what you like in Blue Heaven, but IMO it also produces a smoother high end. Not rolled off mind you, but rather removes some glare that was evident in the Blue Heaven cables during my A/B testing.

The sale was announced in a special Music Direct "housecleaning" flyer. Call them to check what is still available.

Thanks for the info - I called up Music Direct and they still have the Blue Heavens available at the sale price (even if it isn't indicated on their web site). I ordered a couple of pairs and will see how I like them in my system (compared to my van den hul d102's) this price, there isn't much to lose!