Nordost and Triangle

How would Nordost Blue Heaven IC and Speaker cable sound with Triangle Zerius speakers? My goal is to get more resolution and air out of my speakers and cd player......
My system:
AR EB101 Turntable w/ Rega Elys Cart
Triangle Zerius
Audio Alchemy DDS III heavily modified
Audio Space Duntonic 3i Integrated tube amp
Meixing Ming Da phono stage (tubed)
Various cable: Kimber Hero, Analysis Plus IC and poth audio cables.
I don't think the Blue Heaven IC will keep you happy for long. Look a bit higher for interconnects. I also think, for 2 cents, that the Elys cart is a MM with a HF rolloff that will not give you the last undistorted octave of air. To improve resolution most effectively, consider upgrading your source.

Your amp looks interesting. Have you thought of NOS driver tubes?
I do have NOS input tubes but havent upgraded the el34s in it yet. That is a good idea to change carts I will look into it. Thanks.....
I run Shanling SP-80 amps with the stock EL34 output tubes. I think thses EL34s are the same as the ones in the Duntonic 3i, and I think they're a pretty good tube. If you try NOS EL34s I'd really be interested in your impressions, but so far I'm betting the driver tubes make much more difference.
I just want a couple extra of each tube on hand so if a tube goes out im not without music. So i will just get NOS el34s to try.......
Trianglezerius, I just went and checked out your system properly. I hope I may be frank. If you want more resolution from CDs, you will never get it from interconnects or anything else downstream. It is the source itself which is proving unsatisfactory.

I know this CDP from having spent an afternoon listening to it with BAT electronics and Martin Logan speakers. The owner subsequently upgraded to a Shanling player and in my view you could profitably consider doing something similar. I am sure you will be glad you did.
Please keep in mind, that the grade of wiring used internally with your Zerius speakers is that of the Triangle TC2250 2.5 mm2 oxygen-free multi-strand copper flat loudspeaker cable.

I would seriously consider using equal appropriate lengths of the TC2250 speaker cabling to your integrated tube amplifier, for the maximum permissible performance.
I have Triangle Comete ES and have tried three sets of speaker cables: DH Labs Q10, MIT T2 Biwires, and van Den Hul D352 with van Den Hul jumpers and my preference went to the vDH. Awesome cables with just the right balance for Triangles.

But cables will only do so much. Your problem is probably in one of your components....

The cables I use now seem to constrict the high frequencies.....What I am looking for is a cable the has more extion and air....Thats why I am looking at Nordost....My system as a whole is great I guess I am just trying to squeze out every last drop of performance. I noticed more detail and air switching from YBA CD Special to the heavily Modified Audio Alchemy DDS III. So I will borrow a Nordost Blue Heaven or Red Dawn and see if it gives me what im looking for. Then I will upgrade the cart next....