nordost and magnepan

any one use nordost cable on magnepan 1.6 qrs or 1.7s looking to recable/ useing audiomagic xtreem 10ga for now and vampire ai2 ics
I used Nordost Red Dawn for Years on my 1.6's I liked them a lot...The Red Dawns (bi-wired) stayed in my system probably longer than any other component... then tried the anti-cables...and liked those better. I think the RDs gave a little more air in my system...but the ACs seemed to be better balanced...YMMV

I suggest trying them...I came across nothing objectionable about them... in my system (I ran tubes/solid state, separates, integrateds...
thanks anyone else/ i like what silver does in the midrange but can get a little much in the highs on 1.6s i play just cds anti cables are they like audioquest in sound ?
To me the Red dawns and blue havens/flatlines are the brightest sounding Nordost cables. I personally think the Heimdall is the best bang for the Nordost buck. Baldurs are less bright (like Heimdall's) but not as involving.

That being said I have the Frey's and love them on my Dyn C1's. The new Leif series might be worth checking too.
I noticed that there is a pair of anticables speaker cables on the Audioasylum classified for 1/2 price.