Nord. Blue Heaven ic or vdH D102III HB

Nordost Blue Heaven (interconnects) or vdH D102 III HB: Which one is the better? Which one is warmer?

My system: Plinius 8150 + Meridian 508.24 + Sonus Faber Signum.

Thanks in advance.
I have owned them both and compared them. The Vdh D102 is warmer. The Nordost BH is brighter. The treble in the Nordost BH also has a very tiny hint of grain in comparison (may go along with the brighter presentation). The Nordost BH is more forward. The Nordost BH also projects a larger soundstage compared to the VDH D102 (may be more accurate to say the VDH D102 is narrower). Both are good cables and cost about the same new. In the budget end of audiophile systems like NAD, Rotel, Cambridge Audio, etc., the brighter Nordost BH may be the better choice. But in a higher resolution system the VDH is more neutral. The brightness in the Nordost may be too much. If I could only buy one cable, I would lean towards the VDH D102. It was Best Buy in a lot of Audio Magazines at its price point for a reason.
Ok, I guess I'll go for the vdH instead of Nordost, being the vdH a warmer solution. And what about speaker cables? Any suggestions? I have read some good reviews on these vdH CS122 HB - these are not expensive but are they good enough? Or maybe vdH The Wind - more expensive but I guess better. I also like Siltech, but even the LS-38 G3 is a little bit too expensive for my budget. So, in your opinion, which speaker cables are the best solution (good quality/price relation) to match with the vdH D102III HB?

One of the best bank for your buck in speaker cables is to go to -- They have the last years model MIT cables at less than half price. The MIT Terminator 2 speaker cables are excellent at that price. Also available in Bi-Wire versions