Norah Jones

...anyone hear her new record?
I listened to Day Breaks last night on vinyl and also found it somewhat boring. I didn't even flip to the second side. Maybe with all the hype on this album I was expecting more. The sound quality was worse than I was expecting. I will get around to playing the entire record but I am not as excited as I was before my first listen. Maybe it will grow on me. I do like Come Away With Me.
Milpai - My current dedicated 2 channel system is completely different from the components you listed in your post and consist of:
CD - Ayon CD-5
Pre - NAT Symmetrical
Amps - Merrill Thor mono blocks
Speakers - Spatial M4 Turbo S
This system is neutral & revealing and does not hide inefficiencies in recordings. Sometimes I wish my system wasn’t so honest.  PS - The recording sounds earns a C grade in my car system.

She's well and properly advertised and very good looking, but her albums and songs all sound same.