Norah Jones

...anyone hear her new record?
Wow...if it's more boring than Come away with Me then I'm already asleep. 
...just read a great review of Day Breaks in the Art and Music section of this week's "The Week"  (the best magazine of all time). 5 Stars for the record and the mag.
Sound quality is below average - a D rating at best.  Way too much reverberation and very muddy sounding.  Not listenable on a revealing system.  What's up with this?

Content - boring. 

And  Norah Jones is one of my favorite artist.   
joseph796, are these components still in your system or have they changed?

CD Ayon CD1
Processor Anthem DV
2 Channel Amp Gamut D200i
Speakers Gamut M5

The sound quality on the CD is pretty good. What source were you using (CD, stream, etc)? You description of the album ic completely opposite of mine.
Re:sound of the record.....  I bought the LP, which I don't have yet, but will post when I get it.  Too bad if the sound is poor.....   I commented on Norah's latter LP's of the poor sound...even wrote a letter to her to become aware of the sound quality on her recordings....  We'll see.