Norah Jones?

Like probably many other A-Gon members I'm a sucker for great female voices. Of course being recorded well is a priority to feed my audiophile addiction. When I read threads recommending great female voices and recordings I rarely see anyone mentioning Norah Jones. I happen to think her music is excellent and very well recorded. I'm just wondering what the audiophile community thinks of her. With that said please keep the music tips coming. I have picked up alot of great cd's due to suggestions from this forum.
"Come Away With Me" is a significant accomplishment for her and well done. However, I find all the songs are so similar (all sound alike), and lack variety and dynamics. I would like to see her show what else she can do. Her next CD should be interesting to see what direction she goes.
I agree with Zargon. She was fine in the beginning but as time passed, I found her to be dry and lacking emotion in her delivery. Would you like to buy a vinyl pressing of her first LP?
What about this record, done in July, 2003 ?
"New York City" Peter Malick Group featuring Norah Jones

Happy listening ;-)
Her music is lovely and pleasent, I really like it, but I found her to be pretty emotionless. Her live DVD is very boring, the songs are great but the delivery and singing is very dull. Have you seen her in interviews, the same applies...
The exception is her singing with the Peter Malick group, much more expressive.
I'm also wondering what she's doing for her next CD.
I didn't think the sound quality was all that good on the Norah Jones albums. The old Madonna stuff, especially the 12inch singles are better. Way better dynamics which surprised me. Maybe try some of the Allison Krauss (sp?)albums? She sounds less processed to me.

My $0.02
Krelldog , Do you have any of Jenna Mammina cd's ? "Inner Smile" & "Meant to be" are great cd's .
If you like Norah Jones (and I still listen to her ) Then I bet you will like Jenna Mammina music.
If you haven't yet, get a copy of Eva Cassidy's Songbird.
I like Norah Jones, but like the others have said, she has not yet shown any range. It is very pleasant, but becomes boring over time.

Let's hope she "wicks it up a notch" on her next release. If she doesn't, I fear her 15 minutes of fame are going to end.....


I love her, but you can't show what you ain't got. Saw her in concert at the Beacon. Lacking emotion, with no command of the stage. Just rolls through her songs. Sweet kid, with an interesting voice. Let's see where she goes with her new cd.
I will second Stumpie's recommmendation of Jenna Mammina
I listen to those two cd's more than Norah.
I have to agree with most of the sentiment here and say that Jones hasn't been very dynamic or emotionally involved in her recorded performances. Kind of like a female Perry Como, only not as exciting...

Do as Mthieme says and get a copy of Ava Cassidy's songbird. Although the recording quality isn't very good, you will not be dissapointed. She will raise the hair on the back of your neck!
Eva, Melanoma, dead at 30. What a that was a voice...emotion,the whole nine....
As others have already said, to hear her CD's all the way through can be quite boring, but I really like the Peter Malick CD that she appears on, I like it far better than her own CD's.
I purchased "Come Away With Me", played this cd once and I can't play it anymore, TOO BORING. Seems like her voice never comes out.
Anyone see the spoof commercial done on Mad TV? Really pokes fun at the sameness of her tunes. FWIW I really like to unwind to her records--not serious listening material but sets the mood right on Friday after a long week. I happen to think the recording quality (I have the vinyl versions) is pretty darn good. Come Away With Me is better recorded than the new one, Feels Like Home. Pretty similar musically, however.
>>I rarely see anyone mentioning Norah Jones.
And right so!
She is completely overrated. Her singing is apalling pitchwise, her piano playing very poor. Well, the girl herself said in an interview that she cannot believe what people think is great in her. I perfectly agree.
Try Fiona Apple instead and you will find annother planet in female voices!
I disagree with those who find her boring. She is subtle. Her arrangements and piano ar first rate. The recording quality is only so-so. I notice in her video that she almost touches the microphone with her mouth. That may produce a certain fuzziness, which is my only complaint. Her duet with Ray Charles on the Grammy-winning album of the year is fantastic. To each his own. I'm also a big fan of Van Morrison, although his last two cds don't compare.
She's okay, but nothing special. Like this month's flavor I think she'll fade away. Pleasurable? Yes. Interesting? Absolutely. Artistic? Groundbreaker? A keeper? No way. But then again, there's nothing wrong with mere entertainment. I like plenty of lightweight groups/singer/ensembles/etc.
There is an article / interview in the March Stereophile pertaining to the studio where Norah recorded her discs at. It is an ALL analogue studio with no digital signal manipulation what-so-ever. How or where the recordings were converted from A to D, i have no idea. Don't have anything by her on vinyl or redbook, although i do have "Come Away With Me" on SACD. From what i can recall, it seemed kind of monotonous to me, making it hard to listen to the whole disc from beginning to end. Sean
I can't believe I forgot Fiona Apple. I love listening to those albums. I really get a kick (literally!) of the bass on some of those. There is one in particular but the name and album escape me. And what ever happened to Liz Phair?
Monotonous voice and average skills each their own...I predict she's already hit her commercial peak and will fade slowly from the scene...CD's where every song sounds the same (even with an appealing voice) don't bode well to me.
From what i understood, Fiona Apple's label basically squashed her last recorded project. They said that it wasn't marketable enough, so they weren't going to bother pressing and releasing it. At the same time, they wouldn't release her from her contract or allow her to directly market her music. So much for artistic freedom... Sean
Some comments on Norah Jones on my review of 2004 at Lugs.
Muzak with a voice. Not bad while you're having
a root canal. Or for bridging a couple doses of Prozac.
Am I missing something, I don't see the review on Ben's Web page. (It isn't the easiest to find things on.)
Brian it's mentioned in my review of the year,just a few lines.I day say comments not review,it's impossible to review everything and a Norah Jones review is like sand to the Arabs on here surely.

Anyway you think we can make things easier to find?
Sorry for my oversight in your wording above Ben. If I may make a suggestion, add another link on the home page that lists all reviews by Artist.
Brian I intend to do that on the next update because by then we will be reviewing 2005 material and if you notice the reviews are only 2004.

So then we'll do an index page (2004 and 2005 new releases and remasters) and possibly categorise (not always easy)the music as well.

The difficulty in starting up is that you don't really have enough for an index but later it is essential-thanks for the feedback.
We hope to grow the site.
Yeah, I've never understood her appeal. Or the Grammys.

She always sounded like she was singing with not enough lubrication in her vocal chords or something. Very boring to listen to and even more boring to watch. She's probably even worse in the sack!

Before you go into the studio to record your next album, make sure to bring along the Riccola.
I really liked her but once I got the second disc and the Peter Malick disc I have to agree that it is all the same. She has no range. It is kind of like Ana Difranco. Very nice at first but then the same guitar strumming on every song really wears on you. Nora has done great things for the recording industry and the interest in jazz.

Try Katie Melua's [i]Call Off the Search[/i] if you like Nora Jones.
Norah Jones is oneof those I just don't get. If she comes on while I'm driving I have to turn her off as she is instant nap time. Seriously, I could not keepmy eyes open through her first release.
Not the greatest voice, but there's something about it. Songs are interesting and catchy. Maybe a little ho hum, but there's something about them. She is dull in concert, but she, still, radiates a sweetness and nice energy. There's just something about her. Imagine; 25 years old, and she (the year she one the Grammy) earned $25 mil...I like her tunes. and her voice..Billy Holiday had no range, as well....Yeah, I know, she ain't no Billy Holiday, but she does what she can in that limited range...and she's to see her lose the jeans and try on some 4 inch pumps...Audiogon enui, does it all the time. I don't like to pick on her...there's just something about her...
OK, Warren.

If she were to heed your advice, I might warm up to her. I never really thought of her in CFMs, but that could change my opinion entirely. She is pretty. Spikes and fishnets might propel her into sexy.

Just don't mention Ravi Shankar around her.

That's the whole point. Norah is pretty. And if she looked like Cameron Mannheim, she'd still be singing Monday nights in the local bar. That special something, the sweetness, the nice energy, even my neighbor Lupe has that. Gorgeous, too!

It rings so false when Norah Jones (and others) say things like, "I never meant for this to get so big." Then stay at home, girlfriend. Maybe then I'd like you as much as I like Lupe.
Thanks for all the reply's. Even though I don't agree with many of them. Personally I think her music is very soothing. I'm not going to listen to it on my way to the pub on Friday night,but it sounds great in more laid back settings. I also stand firm on the recording quality. Her music sounds incredible on my system. I am amazed at how many people literally bash/attack her credibility as a musician and vocalist. These same people can't praise the likes of Holly Cole,Jane Monheit,Jennifer Warnes,Diana Krall,Patricia Barber(etc.)enough. I'm not here to bash anyone. Were all entitled to our opinions and tastes. I just find it odd that on this forum in particular where most people are very open minded to others music tastes. (This is how we get exposed to new material we probably wouldn't run across normally)-BUT mention Norah Jones name and even the esteemed elders of the Audigon Community are ready for a public hanging(practically) Mix this in with the fact that this young lady sold 20 million copies of her first album,and factor in it certainly didn't get alot of airplay. The first song might have,but the rest really didn't. She's also very humble,respectful,and very attractive. I've just always wondered why there is so much negativity towards her. Thanks for reading and as always I appreciate your views and opinions and keep the music tips coming my way.
I really enjoy listening to her music. I actually think I like her follwup album more than I like her first album. The last two tracks on her second album are fabulous. All that matters is what you enjoy listening to. My girlfriend thinks I am crazy for listening to Norah Jones but I don't worry about what others think about my taste in music.
I like Norah Jones music. Her music has it's place...quiet evenings or mellow hours. She shows her talent and that she can let emotion into her voice when she sings with Ray Charles. She also showed greater potential with the Peter Malick group. I look forward to her next cd. BTW, I find the quality of her recordings (redbook) to be excellent - the recording is not compressed.

I do find statements such as "She's probably even worse in the sack!" (see above) to be out of line and not very helpful.

In the Yanni, John Tesch, Andre Rieu style. If that's your style, go with it.
Ahh, come on, John!

Maybe that statement was out of line. But, I'd be willing to bet I'm right.

Comments like that add very little insight about Ms. Jones, but say alot about the poster.
Another thing: Jazz it ain't.
Yeah? What do my posts say about me?

That I don't take myself that seriously?

That I assume most people have the sense of humor or intelligence to recognize my posts for what they are?

I'm afraid to ask what type of insight you WERE searching for regarding Norah Jones.

Maybe I was wrong to assume people could see through my posts. If not, what judgements can we make about your reaction?

I choose to make none.
You're right, she's probably not a good skier either.
Just got the Peter Malick cd. Only listened to a few cuts, but Norah is lovely. Then again, if I hadn't heard a thing that Norah has done, I'd probably think: "no big deal" It's the comparison to her hit cds that makes the Peter Malick CD interesting and worth the monotonous, boring, ho hum, unmotivating dance music, a listen. Good background music for working around the house, at best....glad I purchased it used....

I was away for a few days and didn't have a chance to respond.

Perhaps I'm a little over sensitive to the issue of what might be perceived as sexist, put-down comments as I deal with some clients who are at the receiving end of these comments all too often in my job as a psychotherapist. I can see how some might find humor in what you said, but (and this is a big "but") what you might not realize is how some offhanded and "intended to be humorous" comments can be threatening and hurtful to others, especially in a public forum. These type of comments refer to other people a being nothing more than objects and can be perceived as very degrading.

I'm sure that is not what you intended.

My point is that this thread was related to Norah Jones' music and not her ability in bed. The two issues are unrelated. You might try some different humor that does not have a perceived element of "put down".

I've only heard/own the CD "Come away with me". My system is towards the warm side and I think that adds some depth to her voice. On my system she sounds top notch. One of my very favorites. Recording quality is way good enough for me. I skip the first cut most times, I have no clue why she didn't come or where the hell she was going in the first place. Maybe her album is just too popular to be accepted by hardcore music people but I guess it's a just a simple pleasure for me.


BTW....... I typically enjoy your humorous quips that I've read on various threads.

I like her a lot. She is a talent. I really like Keb Mo too. He might not have the best voice or musician but he is Unique and that part of talent I like.....the music. I don't like Rap Opera or some of the country twang ...... but just about any music if done well.....I like. I think I have spent a good bit of money to have a good system. I make the mistake sometimes of buying music just to hear it at home. But I think finding a whole album that is great can be rare. I think that is why the iPod and iTunes has done so well....... even though I think it is KILLING the next generation to good play back equipment. From what I understand it has affected the sales of SACD and DVD audio.
good for you the road less followed.