Noobie Question on speaker cable for my system

I have a HK AVR230 65watt receiver that will run 50 x 5 in a home theater set up. It is rated at 8ohms. My Ohm Micro Walsh speakers are 6ohm 20-150 watt fronts and center. I will be adding the rears in a couple of months.
Not sure if this is relevant but the speakers frequency response is 47-20,000 Hz +/- 3.5 dB for towers; 80-20,000 Hz +/- 3.5 dB for center.
I am considering Audioquest type 2 or 4 or something else in that price range. With the additional strain on the amplifier, is there a minimum wire gauge I should start at for speaker cable? Is it even something I should worry about?
I will be bringing this up with John at Ohm Speakers but wanted to hear this forums opinion.
Jer;As an xmas gift I bought my sister a HC rceiver. Her's is a similar/something like avr300/ I got it new from a dealer for just less than $550. It has the cable box and a dvd player running thru it. She has PSB speaks---I just used lamp cord.----Keeping track of the + and - ribbed side of this lamp cord.--(So as to keep all speaks in phase). It does sound quite good if I say so myself. She is delighted as it was a nice improvement over the old "pro-logic"setup.One could easily spend more for the wire than the rec. Not to mention you can't use spades or anything fancy. Hi end speaker wire just isn't necessary for this. Get some lamp cord and----Just enjoy!!
I suppose it would depend on the length of spk. wire you would need. The AQ Type 2 is 17 guage and the Type 4 is 15 ga., I believe. On a short run the type 2 would most certainly be fine. If you're needing a really long run, I would chose the heavier ga. Type 4 wire. Just bought both the AQ Type 2 & 4 wire and I'm really impressed by both of these wires. (The type 2 I got used for a really great $. The Type 4 I order from Brian @ for $2.25 ft.) If this is too much $ to spend, I would look into Tara Labs "Klara" spk. wire which would run about 80 cents a ft. Spend the the extra money and buy either the AQ's/Tara Labs or Kimber Kable's 4 VS would be an idea choice as well. IMHO, bare wire connections sound the best. Bill
Check out what the pro recording engineers often use: Canare StarQuad. Comes in two gauges (14 and 11), and is a ridiculous bargain for HT.
Thanks for the suggestions
Well I'll have a 5ft for the center and under 10ft runs for the front towers. Later on I'll have 20ft runs for the rears. At what length are cable lengths considered long?
I personally think you should be fine w/a 14-16ga. wire. The AQ Type 2 is marginally acceptable, IMO, for your 20' runs. Given the quality of your speakers and the slight increase in cost, the AQ Type 4 or Kimber 4VS would be my personally choice. (Not familiar w/the Canare wire, but if it's afforable, you could give it a try.) Be sure to add a little extra length of wire just to be safe and buy bare wire to some $. There was an ad here on A-goN for some bare wire AQ Type 4 (Blue). If I recall correctly it was for 28'. 11'(R)/11'(L)/6'(C)= 28'. $42 Check it out.