Noobie looking for advice

I recently purchased a Stanton T92USB to transfer my vinyls into MP3's. I just srated getting into purchasing vinyl. I was drawn into viynl because of it great cover art and the desire to have a huge collection that others can admire. Being new to the "analog" sceen i am not certain what kinds of sound system upgrades i will need to experience my records to the fullest. To clear things up i have my turntable RCA's inserted into the AUX input located in the back of my Sony home theater system. The reason for this is the receiver lacks a PHONO input. I get very low volume and crappy sound. I would like to enjoy my records but i understand that i have a lot of work ahead of me. I need to start building a system, but i need direction on where i should start. I do not have a lot of money so a budget system would suit me best. Please any suggestions will be helpful.

First, you'll need a decent receiver or preamp w/a phono stage. You might check out some of the older NADs that have good phono stages, as they can be had for not a lot. If you're satisfied w/the sound of this, I'd say stop and invest your money in records. If your records still sound crappy, it's likely that your cartridge is shot and/or you have a turntable set-up problem. I'd ask the guys at the record shop what's good and affordable (they're usually vinyl heads too), or do some research on brands like Rega, Music Hall, Thorens, and NAD, which all sell turntables that won't break the bank.
I looked it up on the Stanton website,and you may need to flip the switch on the back to line output.It may have its own phono stage in it.Do this with the volume turned down.
From the T92USB manual:

PHONO/LINE SWITCH - Switches the output to either phono or line level. Use the PHONO setting when plugging into a “PHONO” input on a receiver or DJ mixer. Use “LINE” position when connecting to a line level input such as CD or VCR on a receiver.

WARNING – Never connect a line level output (LINE position) to a PHONO input on a receiver or DJ mixer.
Thanks for the feed back everyone! When i first set up my Stanton i did read the part in the manual depicting which setting (PHONO/LINE) to have my turntale set at. The sound was much better coming from the phono setting, but the volume isnt at the level that i would like. Any suggestions on a decent receiver???

If you don't get any answers here,Maybe start a new question and state what features you want.State 7.1 or 5.1 surround or stereo plus price range,and new or used.Good phono section too,plus the new formats.There are a lot of new things that receivers could do now that I don't know enough about.I'm guessing the more features may raise the price or sacrifice performance if you get a lot of features in a low priced one.

I am satisfied with the answers i have received. I sort of just need a starting point. I am on a budget so i so not want to purchase anything that is not worth buying. I found a website that sells NAD receivers and equipment at fair prices. I would like to start with a receiver, add a preamp, speakers and subwoofer. I would like something that is just going to sound crisp at the highs and the lows.
If you like the sound from the phono output but want more volume, then perhaps you can look into a phono pre-amp as a starting point. There are several good ones out there and you don't have to spend an arm and a leg, either. This might be a good, cost-effective alternative, especially if you're happy with the rest of your equipment.