Noob with unusual maybe, what do I know? issue.

I just had a bunch of vinyl dropped on my doorstep and felt the need to oblige its existence by setting up a basic TT rig. I grabbed a Rega Fono largely because it was cheap and I figured it would complement the RP1 I got used.

Now I've run in to this issue, I don't notice it at moderate volume, but at low volume it is really annoying. Picture a mic in the wind. Like that. My system is making this noise with only the Fono turned on. I have no clue how to deal with this and it is making me a little crazy. You know how it is.

Here is an idea of my system topography.
Rega RP1 -> Rega Fono -> Marantz AV8003 -> Parasound A52 -> Quad 22L2

Does your table have a ground wire, and if so, is it hooked up to your receiver or phono amp.
Quick sidenote, that would be the "topology" or how things are connected, not topography,which describes the form of the earth's surface.

The phono or wires connecting it may be picking up radio frequency RF noise from the nearby digital gear. Move the wires slightly while connected and see if the sound of the noise changes. If it does, then bingo.

Are your interconnects shielded? If not, shielded ICs might resolve the problem if it turns out this is what it is.
I'm not sure if my interconnects are shielded. As far as the TT goes, the leads from the RP-1 are hard-wired. I am using audioquest sidewinders from the Fono to my preamp. I moved the preamp a bit and things seem better.

I don't think the RP-1 has a ground wire.