Noob Want to connect a ipod to Mcintosh using XLR

I need to use my Mcintosh Int Amp at my wedding (No DJ) SO I want to attach my Ipod to it because I only have a single disc CD player and need more playing time. Is there a product that would act as an Ipod doc (powers ipod) that would have an output for balanced cables? Any suggestions welcomed. Sorry if this question has been asked before.
Buy the Monster power cables that fit into the BOTTOM of the I-pod. It will have RCA outs to preamp (It also comes with an S video output. Just ignore that output). Get a couple of adaptors to go from the male RCAs to your male XLR to plug into your preamp.

Available for about $40 at Frys.
Cheap adaptors will create a lot of hum, be careful.