Noob question - Stereophile "Class" rating

Is there a listing somewhere of all the products rated Stereophile A/B etc?

What are the criteria (theoretical, I understand there are probably skeptical reasons too, I can guess at those so no need to turn this into a rant)?

Does anybody really care about these ratings?
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1. The listings are in the April and October issues and available from

2. The criteria are there as well.

3. Some do, some don't, but you did ask.

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If Stereophile reviewed more equipment then it would have crediblity, but since it only reviews it's favorites every year and ignores others than class "A" has no meaning.
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Stereophile serves up opinions. Some of them have more merit than Audiogoners, some do not. At least when Stereophile offers an opinion it is based on time spent with the item. Many time on Audiogon people offer opinions on gear they have never touched.
In order to know sound I have to be aware of it ,or should i need to a/b everything on earth to know it.

If i were to ask you ,what did you eat last nov.13 would you remember. Then stereo mags would be in the same boat if they tried to recall the way it sounded.

There is one thing man has a great agreement on in this society. He believes that books and mags know more than he does.
Kinda like the Academy Awards; who cares?
I have never regretted a purchase I have made based on Stereophile ratings. The problem, however, (one problem) with them, is that there are too many items listed in each category. But at the low end of the price scale (where I am) finding suitable products has been successful.
Do they ever say anything pretty much sucks?
It is funny the dealers always tell you that the ratings are meaningless unless they sell the product then you get the "Also this unit was highly recommended in Stereophile"
Is the info available online? (I can't find it)
"Is the info available online? (I can't find it)"

Not legally. Copyright protected.

the 'best of' issues are where they determine the most likely for advertising revenue going forward.