Noob needs speaker suggestions.

Hello all, I am new to audiogon and the audiophile area of music. I am an accomplished musician and have finally gotten into a place where I can set up a system.

My room size is 14'x14' with a 10' ceiling. I am looking to use a NAD 304 amp that I was given. I listen to all types of music but mainly classical / solo trumpet and classic rock.

I have no problem buying used and my price range is in the $300 dollar range. I'm having a hard time finding places to audition speakers. So that's why i am here asking for opinions.

The brands I have researched are: Polk RTi A1, PSB, B&W, NHT, and EPOS els3. I have not been able to actually listen to most of these brands. Located in MD I thought I would have more places to listen but alas no. The only brands i have heard are the Polk Tsi100 at BB and B&W 685 and 686 at Gramaphone (both outside my price range).

Thanks in advance for all your help!
within your budget, if you want a floorstander i'd recommend mordaunt short ms904 or 906, which i routinely see for cheap on ebay and are very good; you might also find a psb image at that range. alternatively, you might consider a good monitor, with the view to perhaps adding a sub later--at your budget i like the canton gle (around $300 at accessories4less), rega r1, paradigm atom or titan, psb image and the focal chorus or cobalt. i'm a font of unsolicited advise, feel free to contact me.