Noob Help on Home Theater Set Up

Hi All

I am looking for some help in doing up a new (or used) home theatre set up and getting better components. I currently have an onkyo tx-sr605 receiver that does all the work for my 7.1 set up . I am wanting to look at starting to put together something a little better but using individual components.

Can someone tell me what components I need to look for to put something together. I want to also run a phono record player as well and my Onkyo doesn't have any phono pre outs.


Definitive BP 7004
Definitive CLR 2300 Center
BMPX Bipolar Surround x 2 pairs
Onkyo TX-SR605
Pioneer BDP-120 Blue ray player
Can;t help much with answers to your question but there are many here that will with the right info.
You need to give an approximate budget and what you are trying to improve on.
Really no place to start till a budget is established.
Are you wanting to replace your speakers? Or are you talking about replacing just electrical components?

If you are just talking about separates for amplification and you like Onkyo, you could just pick up the current Onkyo pre-pro(I believe it does have a phono input) and some amps. If you are wanting to buy a Blu-ray player, I'd recommend one of the new Panasonics. If you want to also be able to play SACD and/or DVD-Audio, then get the Oppo BDP-93 universal player.
Hi thanks for the responses.

Yes I am looking at going into separate components. i have done a lot of reading and possibly to much now and my head is a mess. Can someone give me a link to an article maybe that's shows how to go around doing up a set up with separate components cause i am a little confused.For example can I keep my amp that I have and add a pre amp to it and build up. Would i be better getting a surround amp and a pre amp. Any little bit a knowledge would be excellent.

Honestly, unless you are wanting to blow down your walls, I don't see why you need separates. The reason is that your Definitive speakers are pretty efficient, at 91 to 92dB. Plus, each of your BP 7004, as well as your 2300, has its own sub built in, so your receiver is not taxed with driving the deep bass.

For what it's worth, IMO, I think you will be very pleased with the results you get with an Onkyo 809 receiver, which also has a phono input. I have the 809, and contrary to the popular notion that all receivers sound pretty much the same, I found that the 809 sounds noticeably better, on both music and movies, than the Yamaha RX-V1800 it replaced. The 809 has much better decoders and internal amps than your 605. Plus, there are some deals available now on the 809 around $500 to $600. You could always add separate amps later, if you felt compelled.